Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today was certainly interesting. It began with a fluke of my parked van getting hit at the school while I was dropping Michal Kate off at school. Luckily, neither of us were in the van at the time and there is some damage but nothing horrible.
Then we loaded the boys up and went to Texarkana for my 37 week appointment. Nothing had changed from last week including my measurements. I am 37 + weeks and only measuring 34 weeks so he opted to do a Non stress test first, which he runs regularly anyway, which showed up great! Then because of the -3 week difference he sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound. It appears Emorie takes after her oldest brother in that there is a low amount of fluid surrounding her which is why the measurements were off. Anything from 5-15 is normal. With Noah I think I the lowest I had was 5.4 and I was put on bedrest for 6 weeks, so when they told me her max amount of fluid was 5.3 I thought we were about to meet Emorie Elizabeth in person. The doctor says she is fine for now and I am trying very hard to trust that. The fun thing is, we got a great picture of her face! She is measuring to be about 6 lbs 12 oz which can be + or - a pound either direction. She looked completly healthy and is most definately a girl! So if you haven't sent your baby game guesses in, now is the time...Date, Time, Weight, and Length, sorry no changing! Here is the sonogram picture; the top of her head is to the right of the picture, eyes and nose in the middle and then lips and chin with a hand under her chin! Thought I would share. Just two more weeks at the most until we meet this precious gift!

Noah is 4

A look back at Noah. Noah wasn't due until April 10 but I was determined to have him on March 31 because that was the only day my sister could be in Lubbock to see him. I went into labor on March 30 and had him in the morning of the 31st! He started out very cooperative!
Noah initially had a lot of fluid in his lungs, which explained for my lack of fluid in late pregnancy. They ended up putting him in the NICU to help him get more oxygen and to keep draining the fluid. He was such a big baby in comparison to the other babies in the NICU that the nurses fought over him because he was easy to handle and not critical. Here is a picture of Noah in his OxyTent.

We were so blessed that Noah got to leave the hospital with us! Here is the picture that I used on his birth announcement.
Noah's first birthday!

Noah is 2!
And 3!
Then this years birthday picture, Noah is 4!
Noah, you bring such an abundance of energy to our lives and our home! Your laugh is contagious and your heart is so sincere. You will always be mommy's baby, and that may cause some issues that mommy needs to get over!!! Your curiosity never seizes to amaze daddy and I. The songs that your sing make us smile because they show Jesus in your heart. We love you and may you have the happiest of birthdays and a great year!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Noah's Birthday Party

Well, Saturday was Noah's 4th birthday party, and as requested we had it at Pump It Up Jr in Longview. The kids had an absolute blast as did the parents which makes me smile.

The theme for Noah's party was Handy Manny and this was his cake.
Noah on the slide.
Michal Kate on the slide.
Suzanne, Gram, Papa, Carson, Aidan, and Austin came in for the party. Here is Aidan in the car.
Everyone attacking Uncle Paul.
Uncle Paul going after Noah and Connor.
Jack had an absolute blast at the party. He did the slide all by himself all night long. Just up and down over and over.
On one of the few breaks he took he played in his second favorite thing, the cars.
Carson and Noah playing.
Cambri playing in the cars.
Carson and Austin eating their cake.
The crew minus the babies.All in all, a great party. Tomorrow is his big day. Hopefully Emorie will hold off that long!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The zoo, 36 weeks, and a shower

I will go ahead a apologize now for the length of this post and the amount of pictures, but I have to keep you caught up right!
Last week was spring break here and the beginning of the week, we didn't really do anything out of the ordinary beyond the fact having all three kids at home at once was interesting. They just aren't used to that much time together anymore! Anyway, on Thursday we too the kids to the Tyler zoo where our dear friends, the Parrish's, were for the week. The kids were excited to be at the zoo, but also excited to see Randy, Sandra, and Ryne.

Sandra and Michal Kate
Jack pretending to be an animal of some kind.
Ryne and Noah looking on
Daddy and Sandra took the older two into the bird feeding house.
Monday was my 36 week mark. We were on our way to Noah's t-ball game, hince the interesting outfit choice!
Not the greatest picture but you get the idea!
On Tuesday, I picked Michal Kate up at school and we went to dance thinking we were having a surprise baby shower for another friend of mine. When everyone else got there, they surprised me in that the shower was not only for my friend but for me also
I am so blessed to have such great friends. Thank you ladies for the surprise, no I really didn't have a clue! I am so thankful for each of you wanting to do this and am looking forward to having Emorie and introducing her to you all.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson Connor!

Well, it's here again. Jackson Connor Castleman would be 6 years old today. Man, 6 years, I don't think I am old enough to have a 6 year old. Last year on Jackson's birthday I had a really hard time and two ladies at church bought me a book to read that I know many of you have read, The Shack, if you haven't taken the time to read it do and just see where it takes you. The book for me was in some ways healing. I needed to face my "shack" and let God retrieve me from it. This fear that I have of loosing yet another child, the anger that set in that I had lost not just Jackson but another child at 6 weeks of pregnancy. Your "Shack" maybe something completely different but oh the healing that comes from letting God have control of it. There are still days, like today, when I really miss him, but this year God has let me share Jackson's story with others that I never would have expected and it has helped them. This year on his birthday I am 36 weeks pregnant with Emorie Elizabeth and with the exception of the first few weeks of letting that fear back in, I have really tried and succeeded in enjoying this pregnancy. I feel I am more layed back about it and not in such a rush for her to be here. Five times we have been blessed with children, Jackson, Michal Kate, Noah, Jack, and Emorie and each time I am still in awe that God entrusts them to me to teach them and guide them in his ways.
Like every year here is your birthday party invitation for Jackson: please join me today in praying for any family that you know that has lost a baby or is loosing a baby at any stage of pregnancy or infancy. Pray for the families that are being told their little ones won't survive, as that is a huge struggle to overcome in and of itself. Also, let us continue to remember anyone you know that is expecting at this time. Those for me are, myself, Adria, Lesley,Megan, Kerri, Kimberly, Stephanie, and Lora. I would like to add this year for us to pray for those trying to concieve but are unable. In their own way, they lose a child each month, and that pain is real. Thank you for joining me for this day of prayer. I love you all and pray each of you finds joy in a child today!
Happy Birthday Jackson, keep on sliding.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Noah's First T-Ball Game

Well, having boys has officially started. Last year we asked Michal Kate if she wanted to play t-ball and her answer to Richard was "Daddy, I'm a ballerina." So we didn't go that route with her, she greatly enjoys her tumble/cheer, ballet, and tap! This year, Noah really wanted to play baseball and he is old enough, the cut off being April 1st! We have been practicing a couple nights a week and then Monday was his First Game as a Green Monster!
Before the game Richard let Jack play on the playground and Jack chose to go down the very short tube slide head first, well he didn't catch himself and with all the rain we have had so here is our little pig pin. He was not happy about this at all.

This is Noah's first up to bat. In our league we play 2 innings and everyone bats and runs all the bases, there are no outs, and no score, they are just trying to teach the kids the basics of baseball. At each at bat they get 3 pitches and then they hit off the t. He did hit it off the t and it rolled right in front of him. My favorite part is all the kids when they hit the ball they all turn around to the coach catching behind them like "what do I do now!!!" of course the answer is RUN! This is Noah's second up to bat and he hit this ball of the pitch! The very first pitch! I was a proud mama.

After running all the bases and coming into home.
Obviously, not where he is supposed to be but I thought it was cute!
Go Green Monsters!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Girls Trip

This last weekend was a real treat. For my mom's Christmas/Birthday gift my sister and I took her to Fredricksburg for the weekend for some girl fun and Carole came with us! Needless to say we had a blast, shopped a ton, and ate way to much! Friday we leisurely made our way there but stopped a a fabulous Italian restaurant in Cedar Hill, then at a world famous chocolate store in Hito, TX. I first of all didn't even know that Hito, TX existed much less had a fabulous chocolate store. Oh the smell and I got to try something new, sipping chocolate, talk about rich and creamy!

Friday night we walked the closed street of the square in Fredricksburg and "window shopped" then at a german restaurant. It was good, I actually ordered something german and it was good.

Saturday we were on the square around 9 and we were there all day until about 5:30. The next couple of pictures were taken at a tea room right off the square. Doesn't my sister look awesome!

To get a picture of my mom is almost impossible so here is a natural one of she and Carole laughing!
Like I said, crazy times getting a picture of my mom, but here we are.
We went in this one store and Tracy fell in love with these crazy shoes. So much that she bought a pair and so did Carole, mom would have but they didn't have her size in the ones she liked. here they are trying them on, multiple pairs and styles.
It was a great time and though it was a trip for my mom, it was a good pre-baby trip for me. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who took care of the kids all weekend so I could go on this trip. It doesn't happen very often where we get to be together without the kids! I love you all, and had a great time!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

8 months 32(33) weeks

Well I was supposed to take this picture last Monday and just got around to it today so it is a week later than it should be. I am 33 weeks tomorrow which is in my 8th month! I can't believe it, only 7 more weeks at the most and still no name. This is very unlike me, and making me nervous. I need to start picking things up...diapers, baby bath, lotion, nail clippers, a couple of kinds of paci's. I am feeling good, her movements are beginning to hurt sometimes, but I am treasuring every one of them. I am hearing a lot of, wow you really popped out there this week, so I guess I am a bit bigger. I think the only way is to compare to last months pictures! Enjoy.