Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby naming craziness!

For those of you who have been around for all 5 pregnancies, you know that naming has not ever been an issue, especially by 18 weeks along, which is where I am now. By this point in past pregnancies, we have had narrowed down to one boy and one girl name, with the exception of Noah, and we had one girl name and 2 boys names and he didn't end up being any of them. I can still go back and tell you the names that each of the kids would have been if they had been the opposite sex. I AM CRAZY WHEN IT COMES TO BABY NAMES! This time has been a lot harder for some reason. I think if I wasn't consulting Richard I might be able to name the baby on my own, but even there I am not set on anything. So, thus the post. We had made a list a couple weeks back with some names that we both liked for the most part. Richard told me to put the list on the freezer so we can look at them when we get our water and ice multiple times a day. The list is there for who knows how long...Richard is making marks when he feels the need to specify likes and dislikes. I have added a name and one has been taken away before and then after the picture was taking so it is ever changing. What a fun story to tell in the baby book though!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jack in the Box

Go ahead and start singing the jack in the Box song in your head!

Pop goes the Jack Jack!
Hope this makes you laugh as much as it did us!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick or Treat

Well, it has taken almost a week to get this post up, but it isn't entirely my fault. For some reason the computer didn't want me to upload pictures, so I have tried every day and finally got them up.
The first event of halloween week was on Tuesday night. Michal Kate's school was have a pumpkin carving and decorating get together and contest. I drew the jack-0-latern face and she painted it all by herself. She was quite proud of her pumpkin.

Here is Noah with his pumpkin. He really enjoyed the paint!The kids and I went to Dallas for halloween due to Richard working the football game that night. We haven't lived close enough at a time when we could go since before we had Michal Kate and it was a great time. We met and Jason and Suzanne's and went trick or treating. Here are the kids before we left. Michal Kate is Hannah Montana, of course, Jack is Peter Pan again, and Noah is Handy Manny, a character from Playhouse Disney.

Here is Hannah posing during trick or treating.
Handy Manny being cheesy.
And...Peter Pan checking out the world to see where Neverland might be!
When we left Jason and Suzanne's we went to Tracy and Jeff's for a little more trick or treating, though Michal Kate was the only one who went! Here is Jack when we first got there trick or treating to his first house ever, of course it had to be his Aunt Tracy's.
Here is the crew and Jason and Suzanne's again before we went out the first time. Austin,aka Indiana Jones, Aidan, aka Scarecrow, Michal Kate, Hannah Montana, Allyson the witch, Carson the Clone trooper, Jack or Peter Pan, and then of course, Noah/Handy Manny.
Sorry it took so long, but there you have it!