Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

Okay...where to begin. This week has been a little crazy thus far, but things are going well it would seem.
First of all, I forgot to post these last month...this is my 24 week or 6 month shots of me with baby girl.

Monday marked my 28 week mark, or 7 months! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I can still see my feet, but rolling over in bed and sitting up in the bed is getting increasingly difficult. Baby girl is very bony and moves a lot scraping her bones right across my belly button, but I wouldn't take that away for anything. Something about knowing this is the last, I am loving every minute of it.

Speaking of baby girl being the last, I am having 2nd thoughts on the name. I still love Ellie Beth Lynn, and Lynn will definitely be the middle name, but I guess because this is it, I am afraid to say for sure that is the name. I have other girl names I like, so I guess nothing is settled, at least for me. Richard on the other hand, he thinks I am silly.
Sunday night after church Michal Kate began running 103 fever. After taking her to the doctor on Monday and coming home with no clue what was going on we treated the symptoms. Fever, congestion, and cough. We got the fever under control, but the cough was getting worse. Just when I thought we were done with fever on Tuesday, it spiked back up at 101. So this morning we were off to the doctor again, he had said that if the fever wasn't gone by Wednesday to come back so we did. Her lungs weren't quite as clear so therefore...Bronchitis. So now we are on an antibiotic and hopefully she can go to school tomorrow, if not, Friday for sure.
I know this is sad looking, but it was funny to walk over to the couch while she was taking a breathing treatment and see her face like this so I had to take a picture.
Really when she isn't running fever she has a ton of energy and runs around playing.

I also had a chance to make her birthday invitations in hopes to get them all out before Sunday. even though she didn't go to dance and tumbling this week, I took them by to be handed out and will hopefully get the to school on Friday and then Church on Sunday. The theme this year is a boy/girl tea party! Should be fun. I looked everywhere for invitations on line and in stores, but though time consuming, it was a ton cheaper to make these than $1.50 a card!!! And I think they are cute.

I think that is the end of the update for now! I look forward to hearing from everyone! Blessing this week and through the weekend. Until the next post!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pump It Up

Last weekend a friend of ours had his birthday party at Pump It Up in Longview. We hadn't been there since last year for some birthday parties in March. We had never been to the big side only the Jr. side which is where Noah is going to have his party last year. I spent a lot of time running around with the camera because the kids all loved it.
Michal Kate really loved the slide.

Noah enjoyed the bouncing basketball game and jumping in the jump house.

When we got to Pump It up, Richard and I both looked around thinking there was nothing at the this one for Jack to do. Boy were we ever wrong. We only thought that Noah had no fear when he was little, Jack tops that cake and then some. He was climbing on everything, jumping with the big kids, getting on top of the balls, and going with ANYONE who would take him up the very tall slide to come down. I did have to make an adult only rule to take him up and back down. This first picture is Jack after daddy let him go at the bottom of the slide. As you can see, he loves it.
Daddy and Jack finishing the slide.
Mrs. Stacy took Jack up a couple of times. I can't tell who had more fun, Mrs. Stacy or Jack!Jack also loved the cars, though it upset him greatly that he couldn't get in them every time he wanted.

Enjoy and have a blessed day.