Monday, August 24, 2009

In the words of Nemo...

"First Day of School, First Day of School"

As you can see Jack hadn't been up long!

Well today was the day! Michal Kate, Noah, and Jack all went to school today. After what feels like months of preparation, the day finally arrived and they all got to school on time. A miracle non the less.
Here are the before school shots.
I can't believe that Michal Kate has started Kindergarten. I don't think I am old enough to have one in kinder. She did so well. She walked right in, found her seat, and didn't even look back. I wanted her to want me or need me or something, but something about this big girl...She said she had a great day and loved being back at school with her friends. She also reiterated the fact that starting next week they will have homework every night. WHAT HOMEWORK! I thought I had another year before that started.
Noah has been looking forward to today since last year when Michal Kate went, and he went in like a trooper. There were multiple kids in his class screaming, but Noah couldn't wait. I told him how proud we were of him for being a big boy and being brave. We have the wonderful blessing of Noah having the same teacher that Michal Kate had last year so Noah already knew her which helped I am sure. He has spent the last couple of days hearing from his big sister how Pre-K works! It won't be long and he will be doing all the things that Michal Kate does. His favorite part was that he got to play alot and got to go to two playgrounds! That is a boy for ya!I can't really say that Jack has looked forward to today but he did well all the same! We have enrolled him in a 2 day a week Mother's Day Out program in Mt. Pleasant. I think he is in need of this to help him with some of his attatchment issues. Because he was with us when we dropped the other two off he walked right in and started playing with the kitchen and the train set. He looked so cute walking in the school holding all his belongings. Though he dropped them as soon as we walked in the door even though we weren't at the MDO spot yet.

Pictures inside just like year.
Noah and a little bit of spider-man!
Some shots in their classrooms!
I couldn't help but post this picture of him with all of his stuff!
I am so thankful for an amazing school system that my kids get to be a part of. I pray this year is a blessing for my kiddos and their teachers, friends, and parents.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emorie Elizabeth 4 months

Well today is Em's 4 month birthday! She is so fun and for the most part a VERY happy baby! She had a stint this month where she didn't feel good and we ended up in the ER. She was just in pain every time you touched her and would scream out of a deep sleep! The didn't find anything wrong and she got over it through a lot of prayer and a couple of days! I love to watch Emorie smile, she doesn't just smile with her face it take her whole body. She is an observer. She watches everything, especially the members of her family. She has such a contagious laugh, but it is hard to get her to that point, she'd rather smile. My saying is she thinks people and things are just "mildly entertaining." This month she became a big cousin! Hard to believe, but I am willing to bet that she and Carlee Jo will be best friends! She wants to sit up all the time, but can't without the Bumbo, and is enjoying her tummy time mat (for as much has she hates tummy time) and her mat with toys that she lies on her back to play with! So...all that said here is a bit of Emorie Elizabeth at 4 months!!!

With her cow
Much to mommy's dismay, she is trying to suck on her finger, but I try very hard to get a "happy" in her mouth whenever this happens.

August, so far

August isn't even half over and it already it has been a filled month with lots more to go. Last Friday I took the kids to Idabel to meet baby Carlee Jo for the first time and give Noah and Connor a last play date before school starts since they are both attending Pre-K this year.
Of course the oldest Castleman girl and the youngest! A proud big cousin!

All the Castleman girls and all 5 and under! Michal Kate 5 Cambri 23 months, Emorie 3 1/2 months and Carlee Jo 10 days
Sitting in the bumbo! One of her favorite spots most of the time!
And of course as the proud Aunt Dana I had to take some pictures of Carlee Jo.
I love these tiny hands
When we got home from their house we eagerly awaited the arrival of our dear friends from Levelland, Sandra and Lezli! That night out of no where and unprompted, Jack took off his diaper and went potty in the potty for the first time. After successfully doing that on demand after that, on Monday I unsuccessfully tried to do the whole underwear thing. Here he is for the first time in underwear! I think once school starts we may have a week or so where we work on this, and I think he'll have it. On Tuesday night he took off his diaper again and ran to the potty and was trying so hard to teetee he pooped in the potty!!!
Proof that playing Spider-man and pirates on the playground can be dangerous. They were just playing, but ya know!
And on Friday, Michal Kate began reading. I bought some sight word cards by the Post It note company and so far she can read 20 words! There are only a couple that she stops on but she is doing great. When I am confident she has the ones currently up I add at least too more. I am so proud of her, she will probably be reading the level one book by Christmas! (If not before)
Sandra and the kids
Lezli and the kids (as good as it gets at 8:30 in the morning)
Sandra and Michal Kate still best buds
Tuesday night I tried to move Emorie into her crib. Thankfully it didn't work, I don't think I was ready. She slept here for about two hours and then woke up screaming. We will try again soon. I am working with her trying to get her back sleeping through the night after the whole ER thing. She is so big, 4 months old today and weighs over 15 lbs! But in this baby bed she looked so tiny!
We are headed to OKC this weekend just for Friday and Saturday and then we are back with one week left until school starts.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Case of the missing Jack Jack!

Okay, so yes, I know we have been here before, but not quite like this. Today I was working at my computer and the older three kids were playing. Normally not a big deal. I looked up and could find everyone but Jack. I got up and began looking around the house and still couldn't find him. Started to get worried, I began checking the doors to make sure they were all still shut and locked, and they were. I of course was calling his name the whole time and when I checked the back door to the car port, I heard giggling, so I left the room still looking. When I turned around this is what I found...
I had to get my camera and get him to peek at me again so I could capture the moment. The first time Jack got in the dryer, I knew about it and he wasn't hiding from me, so this time though his face was precious, it made me a little nervous that he got out of the house of something. At least we know he will keep me hopping!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

3 month Emorie and a Introducing Carlee Jo

Okay, so I am behind with this but the month has been crazy! Emorie is still quite precious and is coming into her big personality. She loves to smile and it requires her whole body to do so as you will see in the following pictures. She laughs, coos, and "talks" all the time. She has been sleeping through the night for about 6 weeks now, which is such a blessing being that Jack didn't do that until he was 13 months old! Maybe I am bias but I think she is photogenic as well. On July 28 Paul and Adria welcomed their 3rd little one Carlee Jo and she is precious. So at the ripe old age of 3 months Emorie is a big cousin! I am looking forward to the many adventures these girls will have together especially if it is anything like Noah and Connor and now just starting Cambri and Jack!!!

While meeting our new cousin!
In the midst of laughing at mommy! (sitting in her Bumbo)
With her cow!
Happy girl. This was a rare picture to get being this was the day she was in so much pain and we ended up in the ER!

And... Carlee Jo Castleman Tuesday, July 28, 2009 1:27 p.m. 7lbs
Proud Aunt Dana and Carlee Jo
Uncle Richard and Carlee Jo
Brothers and their baby girls

Saturday, August 01, 2009

On the Boomerang Express

Well, another year of VBS has come and gone and what a "ride" it was! This year our theme was Boomerang Express "It all comes back to Jesus". Erin and I decided to go with this one because the theme was great and well put together thanks to Lifeway! We were blessed with so many willing to work and help decorate VBS this year and had a great turn out of kids!

It all started last Saturday with our float in the Watermelon Festival parade. The float won 1st place!!!
Here are the kids and I in front of our train that one of our talented guys built for us. It even blew steam through the pipe when we attatched it to a fog machine!

Jack and I before the parade.

The kiddos. The beads and masks were due to the theme of the parade was supposed to be Mardi Grai so we had to tie it in.

Stacy Fitts and Jack during the parade
Our stage. The railroad crossing sign worked as well.
Noah at the G'Day Cafe
Jack at the G'Day Cafe wearing his snack well!
The last night we invited the families to come and watch the kids sing their songs and eat cake! Here is Michal Kate singing during the program
Ashlee, Erin, and I being silly
The kids again
The cake made by Ashleigh Wilson
Family shot on stage before the last night
It was once again and awesome experience to be a part of. I know a lot of people don't like VBS but I have always said and firmly believe that if 1 child is touched by God's love throughout the week then it was all worth it. (Though the 86 child average for the week is AWESOME!)