Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fun

These are in no way in the right order, but it has taken almost 2 weeks to get them up so I am just putting them up here. October was a wild and crazy fun month. Filled with all sorts of opportunities to dress up and get free candy. From Church carnivals, trunk or treats, trick or treating, birthday parties, and a halloween concert, well you get the drift. This year, I took my sisters advice and let my kids that wanted to pick, pick what they were for Halloween.

Michal Kate, with a little direction, chose candy corn! Her tutu was made by a friend, I made the shoes and found the other items.

Noah was Spider-Man, of course, was there any doubt.

Jack wanted to be Buzz or Woody but the costumes worth spending the money on were all too big. So I went with a more fitting thought, a monkey, and a cute monkey he was at that!
Emorie was a pink and brown lady bug. No there isn't such a thing, but I liked it. Once again a friend made the tutu and shirt and I put the rest together! I got some great six month pictures of her in this outfit!
And the four!
The King grandkids.
Carson was a storm trooper I think...
The Kings, Allyson a candy corn witch, Austin, a Star Wars something, and Aidan, Luke I think...
The girls
Boys (Noah very scared at this point of someone elses costume.
Papa and Emorie before round 2 of trick or treating started
The Candy Corn girls while out! Allyson, Madelynn, Michal Kate, and Claire.
Emorie (see what I mean!!!)
Monkey Man
More Eme
The four during our churches trunk or treat
Girls at the trunk or treat
More cousins. Cambri and Connor with Noah, Jack and Michal Kate
The four at the pumpkin patch
Michal Kate's class at school went on a field trip to a supposed pumpkin patch.
Noah on a hay ride, I love this picture!
Jack in the hay
Oh and how fun is this...Eme's first pig tails
I hope your October was blessed!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


October 15, just another day in the October calendar right. Well not for those of us who have lost a child in pregnancy or infancy. Today is the National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in the United States. I didn't even know that this day existed until last year when I was reading through a blog I read regularly. I invited you as I do on Jackson's birthday each year to spend some time in prayer remember those who have lost these precious babies. Share your stories with me, know that I am praying for you each time I remember Jackson and baby #4 for us. Jackson would be 6 1/2 now and baby #4 would be almost 3. Though this isn't something that any of us just think about on one day, know that you are remembered today. A tradition with this day has been to drive with your lights on all day. So when you are out and about turn them on and when you do say a little prayer.
Michal Kate and Noah with baby#4 pregnancy test

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catch Up

Okay so this is an Emorie catch up post. She has changed so much. Today marks her 6 month birthday!!! She is officially a 1/2. She is most described as a "happy baby", "poster baby", and "gerber" 's next baby! She loves to smile and likes to be entertained sometimes. So let's get you caught up!
On September 18 she had her first ponytail.

Then this last Saturday, October 10 Eme sat up! She likes this position and does it well most of the time.
Because she sat up, that meant it was time to go to bible class at church. So on Sunday, October 11 she went to cradle roll for the first time.
Here are her 6 month pictures. I decided to take them myself and am pretty pleased. I may do a little more tomorrow. This is the tutu that she will have with her Halloween costume.
Have a blessed day.