Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall Pictures

These are some picture we had taken last week while we were in Dallas. The kids did so well and they pictures turned out wonderful, at least we think so.


Okay, so this week has been interesting. Noah, for some reason just decided that he is going to be jealous whenever I touch any other child. Which for me is tough being that he has a big sister and then I keep two other children during the day. He is only happy when I am holding him and only paying attention to him. I have really struggled with this during the week because I am not used to it. Don't get me wrong, I love both my kids, and I would do anything for them, and I know that there are already times I look at them and just wish they would let me hold them for a little while, but this is a bit ridiculous. Then I stopped and thought about it for a while. What if I was that attached to our Father? What if my only happiness came from the times spent with Him holding me? I think of how tough that is for me and then I think about how many children God has and remember that he has the desire to "hold" all of us all the time. How amazing it is for us when we allow Him to hold us. Once again if we were to look at Him as our Parent the way our kids look at us, what an amazing faith and relationship we would have.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bouncin' Around

This week Michal Kate, Noah, and I are in Dallas visiting family. My birthday was this last Sunday and my nephew Carson's birthday is this Saturday. We are really enjoying our time with the family. I felt very celebrated for the big number 28 though it is sobering to realize that in two years I will be 30.

The last two days Gram and I have taken the kids to different places that have bounce houses or bounce play toys. Michal Kate goes into the rooms a little timid, but as soon as she tries something one time, she loves it, and begs to do it over and over again. Noah on the other hand has no fear of anything. He thinks he is just as big as any other kid in the place and that there isn't any reason why he shouldn't be able to do the same things they are doing.

We were in down town Wylie today and Michal Kate and I went into the coffee store to get daddy a treat, when we were leaving she looked up and the lady and said, "I would like some french fries and a Dr. Pepper." The sales lady I and both laughed out loud because Michal Kate was serious. I still can't figure out the Dr.Pepper thing, because she has never even had one, but it was still very funny.

The last week or so watching the kids has allowed me to reflect on what life is like through the eyes of a child. The innocence they approach life with (most of the time), the ability to enter a situation without hesitation knowing that mommy or daddy will be there to help them through it,the joy found in the littlest things.

This has all allowed me to reflect also on faith, after all "faith like a child". To have that innocence in my faith when I approach the throne, or to have the innocence that I would never come through an evil thought or action, to be able to enter any situation without fear truly believing and knowing that God is there to help you through whatever it may be, and to find joy in the little things, like shouting with glee that the wind is blowing, or that I see a flower, or that the moon is out. Just a thought!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As crazy as I know it is, I'm addicted. I am so excited that Survivor: Cook Islands starts tomorrow I can hardly wait. We of course DVR the show and watch after 8:30 when the kids are asleep, so I will be off my computer during and after the show until I have had a chance to watch it. I laugh at myself when one season ends and I am already researching the beginning of the next season. I know that it is a show that really doesn't matter, but to me the idea is fun. This season has received a lot of hype due to its controversial division of teams. I saw an interview with Jeff Probst yesterday and his take on it was that each individual ethnic group has so much pride within itself that it is fun to see what they do with it when they are having to vote one of their own off. He was sure to let us know that they will merge quickly but that he thinks that it turned out to be one of the best "creative" ideas they have had yet. In a lot of ways the division concerns me due to the fact that we pride ourselves as a nation that we are the melting pot of the world. Some interesting questions arose that made me think not only about racial division but monitary and the like. How many times can I see a homeless person, or someone who is ill and not think differently of them? I don't ever remember struggling with racial division, especially now, but other divisions I think should be included in the "melting pot."
I know a lot of babbling, but I am still trying to figure this blogging out! I still haven't figured out how to post pictures on here, but I am sure someone will help me.
Let me know what you think. D

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Box of Chocolates

Since this if my first experience here I decided I would start by just explaining the name. I love the movie Forrest Gump, or at least the quotes from it. The idea that "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" is fun for me, especially when the majority of my blogs will consist of rambling about life with 2 toddlers!!! I am excited about this and hope this will help me keep in touch will all of you and let you in on a little bit of life with the Castleman Family.