Monday, November 27, 2006


I am so thankful for this precious life that God has given me. I have a wonderful husband, who loves me unconditionaly, and two beautiful children whose awe and wonder never cease to amaze me, and one more on the way!!!!
Yes for those of you who don't know, well now you do. I am due July 1 and so far everything looks good. We had a sonogram about a week ago and I saw the heartbeat and the little blob of a baby! Every time I am pregnant (this is number 5) I am taken back by the way God creates us! The very ability for me, women, to carry a child and nurious it completly for 40 weeks and for every little piece of a human to develope in a certain order and manner, is simply amazing, and what a precious gift that God chose me to carry this little one. We are thrilled and already debating. I think it is another boy, but Richard is dead set that it is another girl. Either way, we will be happy.
Last Tuesday we got in the van and drove to Merkel and had thanksgiving dinner with most of his family. The food was yummy and all the kids had a blast together. I am blessed with such wonderful inlaws and I really do love spending time with them. Then on Wednesday morning we climbed back in the van and drove in to Dallas. On Thursday we had a traditional Thanksgiving with my family and once again, it was really a delight. I am very thankful for the family that I have. I love each of them very much and each one of them adds so much to my life.
Today, we are hopefully putting up our Tree!!!! One of my favorite things to do! Then I leave Wednesday for my annual scrapbooking retreat! I am so excited. I have already started sorting through my stuff!
To those of you I didn't see this last week, I am also very thankful for each of you. Sometimes you don't really realize how much someone brings to your life until you aren't around it all the time. I miss those of you that I am not around, and I can't wait to hear from each of you through this holiday season!!! I love Christmas Cards!!!!!