Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Week

Okay, so here we are over a week later and I am just now getting around to posting Halloween activity pictures. So here it goes!
On Saturday morning the Parrish's came over to help carve pumpkins with the kids. Michal Kate wasn't really into it, but Noah loved it as you can see.

Lezli carved ours to look like Michal Kate's favorite Disney character, JoJo. We added the hat as a cutsie final touch.After the kids went down for a nap the kids and I got ready for the Fall Festival at church. Michal Kate decided that mommy was dressed up as a princess. She was Nemo and Noah was Squirt. The kids had a blast, and as a church we were really able to give something fun and safe for kids to do for Halloween. We had over 100 kids show up which for our church is AWESOME!

Noah got really into the games and getting to throw things at objects. He played "Smack Jack" several times! He thought the best part was getting the candy and prizes for what he viewed as no big deal!
Michal Kate played "Hoop a Pumpkin" several times because it was outside. She loves the outdoors, and this way she was able to keep watch of anyone who might show up. One little boy was dressed as Superman and she followed him around for most of the evening.
Daddy came home from Poland on Monday. He was very tired, but we enjoyed a wonderful night out as a family. The kids were so excited to see him. I was too of course.

Then on Tuesday all Michal Kate talked about all day was going Trick or Treating. So when the time finally came, she was so excited. She had asked if she could sit by her pumpkins outside in her Nemo costume, and I wasn't going to argue.
Our little Squirt loves to dress up so he gladly sat by the pumpkins as well.
For some this is normal, but for us, to have both kids looking at the camera is amazing!!
Walking the streets.
Noah loved it. He did not understand why he could go up to a door, and someone would answer, give him a treat, and then walk away. He thought he should be invited into every house. As we would walk away from each house he would have to stop and pull out whatever had just been placed in his bucket to make sure he liked it. He did it so many times it was very funny. It took about an hour for him to be okay with the way Trick or Treating works. Michal Kate really had the hang of it this year. She was so cute going up to the doors and saying "trick or treating" to everyone.
Our halloween family photo.
Then on Wednesday we bought out long awaited mini van. Richard and I are so excited about it, and it was a fun way to continue his homecoming week

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fun with Fall

This weekend has been a lot of fun! We all miss Richard very much, but the good news is, I get to talk to him everyday and I get emails from him just about every morning. The kids are really beginning to wonder where their daddy went. Richard is really enjoying himself while in Poland. He said that their schedule next week is very busy with students wanting to here about Jesus! I am so blessed to be married to a man that is willing to go wherever God needs him to teach His word to others!
Anyways, since he is gone, my mom, Gram, came in on Wednesday to help me out with the kids and keep me company. On Thursday as the kids were starting to wake up from their naps we started playing dress up. We put Noah in a Tigger costume, Konner in a Nemo costume, and Brooklyn in the bumblebee! They had so much fun and were all smiles.

Michal Kate decided she wanted to dress up too but only as a Princess, Jojo, and I don't know really what to call it.

Then on Saturday we went into Lubbock and took the kids to a pumpkin patch. They had so much fun climbing on all the pumpkins and trying to pick them up. They each got a small pumpkin to bring home. Michal Kate spent the rest of the day talking to hers and hugging hers and treating hers like "Simba" singing The Circle of Life. I am not sure what to think about that, but at least I know she loved her treat. She won't even let me put it outside with Noah's pumpking or our other pumpkins. She said that it needed to sleep inside until we found its' mommy and daddy.

And last but not least, Saturday night we went to a Fall Festival at a school here in town. Michal Kate got her face painted and they both loved playing games. Their favorite was bouncing in the bounce house!
I hope you all had as much fun as we did this weekend. We love you all.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Our Big Girl!

Well, I know that it has been a week or so since my last post, but, we have had quite a bit going on. Richard left today for a two week mission trip in Warsaw, Poland and we have been preparing for that until he walked out the door this morning. Please, when you think about it pray for Richard and his parents as they are over there.
On to the good news! Michal Kate as started potty training. Until last week she had never even teetee'd in the potty. Last Tuesday I sat her up there just for grins and she went! I had stepped out of the bathroom to get her some clothes since she was still in her PJ's and she started yelling, "Mommy, I squirted in the potty." She just kept saying it over and over. we made a huge deal about it and she got a package of Smarties. We have "squirted" in the potty several times since then, so it's a start!