Monday, July 27, 2009

Because I love him

I have been putting together some pictures this week thinking about the fact that today is Richard's birthday. I couldn't help but reflect on our eight years together and the adventure that they have been. I am so thankful that God chose you for my mate, my love, my best friend! There is no one else I would rather take this journey with, even though sometimes I go kicking and screaming. You are an amazing loving father, a thoughtful and caring, loving husband, and a true vessel for our Father. I am privileged to call you my husband and to be able to be called your wife. No matter what roads this life takes us on, I know we can do it as long as we are together. Who knows what the years to come hold being that these have been filled! I know life isn't always easy but even looking back on the hard times, I love that I got to share them with you. I love you and hope you enjoy the look back.
To my faithful readers, enjoy this glimpse into our last 8 years and know that I am blessed to share them with you. I know it is a lot of pictures, but please take a look at them all.

4th of July '01
November '01
Our Wedding December 15,2001 One of the happiest days in my life only next to the birth of our 4 children
Christmas 2001
Our honeymoon in Washington D.C Dec/Jan '01 '02
Barry and Lesley Guinn's wedding July '02
Keyma July '02
Disneyland October '02
Jackson Connor Castleman March 23, 2003 easily the hardest day of our lives
Our Cruise June '03
Michal Kate within her first week

Michal Kate at 2 weeks

Thanksgiving '04 in Levelland

Christmas '04
Michal Kate's 1st birthday
Easter '05 4 days before Noah was born
Mother's Day '05
Jeff and Tracy's wedding rehersal dinner June '05
Jeff and Tracy's wedding
Church retreat July '05
My birthday September '05
Homecoming October '05
Ruidoso, NM Oct. '05
Halloween '05
Dallas November '05
Thanksgiving '05
Christmas '05
Easter '06
4th of July '06
Thanksgiving in Merkel '06
Christmas '06Jack's birth June 19, 2007

July '07
Dad's retirement party '07
Christmas '07
May '08 in Dodge City, KS
May '08 at the Oklahoma City Memorial
May '08 OKC zoo
4th of July '08
Richard's birthday '08
My birthday '08
Christmas '08
New Years '09
Maternity Pictures in March '09
Emorie Elizabeth April 13, 2009
Emorie at 2 weeks
Father's Day '09
4th of July '09
Keyma Bay July '09
Wow and this is only for 8 years. I hope you had a very happy birthday. I love you with all my heart and look forward to many more to come.