Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Activities

We had a lot of fun dressing up for our church annual Trunk or Treat and for Halloween (on Oct 30th around here was the trick or treating night). The three older kids had been asking since mid summer if they could dress up as Star Wars characters and their Aunt Tracy loved the idea so much she bought them their costumes. So we have Michal Kate as Padame', Noah as Anakin Skywalker, Jack as Darth Vadar, and Emorie as Yoda!
Dressed and ready to go to the Trunk or Treat which very quickly got moved inside due to a horrible storm.
Padame' striking a pose
Anakin with his correct "blue" light saber

Darth Vadar with his mask and of course we had to get the "red" light saber (and if you are thinking "does it really matter? To them, yes very much)Darth without the mask, now doesn't he look friendly. He was so funny, if their was something scary he would put his mask on, get his light saber, check things out slowly and then go right to the person or thing.
And Yoda!
Here are most of them with our dear friend Madi while trick or treating in Mount Pleasant
It took Emorie a couple of houses, then she had it figured out and went running!
Yoda with her good friend Mrs. Lori
Happy Halloween!


I know, once again it has been awhile since I posted, but all I can say is things haven't slowed down like I thought they would. So here is a little catch up on the Castleman Family!

One morning in September I ran my bath and stepped into my bedroom to grab something real quick. when I came back into the bathroom this is what I found! She was having such a good time splashing around in the tub with her pj's on, she thought she was big stuff. And until this moment I had no idea she could even climb into the tub!

By mid July, Jack was potty trained. We are still working on night time, but during the day he does great. As far as day training he was the easiest so far. It took me a couple months to take the completion picture and for him to pick his potty training prize but we finally got it!
Jack with his finished sticker chart!
Jack and his prizes, C-3PO and Han Solo
I am doing well. I am currently 38 weeks and having some contractions every day. Elijah has dropped and is ready we are just waiting for the contractions to become more painful and more consistent! We are ready to meet him and very thankful for a totally healthy pregnancy!
Here I am at 32 weeks

And 36 weeks

Sorry for the delay in my updates, I am hoping to get better again as I want to introduce you all to Elijah when he comes!