Monday, June 21, 2010

Jack Gordon turns 3

Okay so it is a week or two late, but things have been busy. I can't believe my baby boy is 3! He is so big and still so full of life. He has no fear and thinks he can do whatever any older kid can do. He is still a mama's boy through and through. We started potty training a week or so before his birthday and though we have had some accidents along the way he is doing fairly well. He loves Toy Story so that was the theme of his party! Jack has and always has had the ability to make people laugh. From before he should have been able to comprehend it, he would do things just to make people laugh at him, and he still does. He is our little ball of never-ending energy and such a blessing. So here is your look back at Jack from the beginning.

Jack the night he was born.

Jack at 1
Jack at 2
And at 3!
I love this face! I have no idea what he was doing this about but I think it is funny.
Yes, he desperately needed a haircut, and we went the next week. Here he is at home opening his gifts from us.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Day of School

I can't believe my kiddos have been finished with their school year for almost two weeks. The year flew by and my kids learned so much. Michal Kate is reading anything she wants and loves to read. Noah talks about school and learning all the time and is eager for kindergarten in the fall! He really wants to know how to read like his big sister. Here are my first day of school and last days of school comparison pictures. The first day is the first picture in each set so enjoy the changes! Oh and yes I am cheesy and as long as the outfit still fits, they wear the same thing on the first and last day!

Michal Kate on the first day of school 2009-2010

And the last day

Noah ready to go on the first day!

I think it is hilarious that he is smiling the same way on the last day of school!
Noah first day outside
and last day with some blonde looking hair!
Michal Kate ready for Kindergarten
And she's done with kinder and ready for 1st grade!
Aren't they cute!
I love this picture, I just wish Noah was looking at the camera! Last day of school, you'd think he'd be more excited!
Last day again with a bit of a smile!
I hope your summer is going well and you enjoy it and be safe!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

May 2010

Well, the last month(at least the last half of the month) has been crazy busy and I haven't updated since Emorie's birthday so here is a long one FILLED with pictures.
At the end of April we had our annual baby dedication at church. I believe we dedicated 17 kiddos this year and Emorie was one of the many. It is such an amazing blessing to have this body of believers praying over us and with us as we raise our little ones. I pray that her life will be lived for the Glory of our Savior and that she may continue to touch the lives of those she comes into contact with.

Mommy and Eme at the dedication.

At the dedication we also announced the upcoming arrival of our next baby which was a shock to many! At the beginning of May I had my first appointment and my first sonogram of this precious little one. This is a profile shot with the baby's head on the right and a foot sticking up in the middle of the screen.
We had a bit of a break in actual events in the middle of the month, though we stayed busy with t-ball games, school, and dance. On May 22 Michal Kate had her annual Dance Recital with The Dance Company in Mt. Pleasant. Her teacher/owner is Mrs. Becca and she does such an amazing job with all the girls all year just teaching them to love dance without any pressure! Michal Kate truly loves it and hates the summer break though she loves the recital.
Here she is in her ballet costume. She was a flower in Golden Afternoon from Alice in Wonderland. They came out of flower pots and everything.
Tap was a routine to Elvis' Jailhouse Rock. Everyone loved this dance and it got the audience clapping and the girls really fed off the energy and danced their little hearts out.
Jazz she was part of Five Little Monkey's. Talk about a cute costume. Check out the feet and tail!
Before the recital began she got dressed up to receive a trophy for her participation and high sales of the ads for the program.
On Tuesday, May 25 the kids had their last t-ball game of the season. I am amazed at the improvement they have shown since the beginning of the year. By the end of the season, Noah was hitting the ball to the fence every time he was up to bat off a pitch!
Michal Kate batting
Michal Kate in position
Noah taking a swing
Playing 3rd
Then on Thursday, May 27 Michal Kate was invited to the Pewitt Elementary Awards Ceremony. She received the award for being in the top 10 readers for Accelerated Reader in Kindergarten. She was 7th! We are so very proud of her and are thrilled at her love for reading at this early age.
Michal Kate with her fabulous teacher, Mrs. Craig
Receiving her medal.
The next day, May 28 was Jack's last day of school for the year. He has grown, changed, and learned so much this year and is a little sponge. He went from crying every day when he went into the building to constantly asking for Mrs. Cara, his teacher even on days when there was no school.
Here is Jack on the first day.
And keeping with my tradition I started last year, here he is in the same outfit in the same spot on the last day of school. Just a little more excited!!!
This is Jack and his teacher Mrs. Cara. God blessed us so much with her. Jack loves her and she truly loves Jack. We will miss her next year since we are moving to a pre-school program.
Friday was Field day for Michal Kate and Noah. And after playing games the school had 5 or 6 water slides the kids could go down the rest of the afternoon. I captured a shot while they stood in line together!
Saturday was the Heat's end of the t-ball season party and the coaches house. The kids enjoyed sliding down a giant slip and slide that they added baby soap to making it more slick! They ate hot dogs, received their trophy's, sprayed the coaches with silly string, swam in the pool, and ate cake all in 2 hours!
The kids with Coach Hart.
Michal Kate swimming away
Noah being silly with the floaties and jumping in!
Jack loving the slip and slide.
Emorie had the most fun I think! She absolutely loved the water and kept putting her face in! I love her little swim suit!
And last night, Tuesday, June 1 was Michal Kate's kindergarten graduation. I didn't even know there was a such thing! She was so proud of herself. They sang songs, recited poems, and got certificates and trophies.
Michal Kate was very proud of herself!
The graduate! Won't it be fun in 12 years to compare this to her senior pictures!
So until Noah's water day are caught up! We are finally out of school on Friday and headed to Grams next week for some fun in the sun!