Friday, June 26, 2009

Wiggly Party

Okay, so here are some pictures from Jack's birthday! Both kandid from his party and his 2 year professional pictures along with some of the other kids too.

Bathing beauty. This was Emorie's first time swimming and she loved the water.

He loved his Wiggles cake
Can you tell?

All but one from the party. Brooke was busy having another piece of cake.Splashin' around.
And the professional pictures.

Playing the sword like a guitar

Yes, taking his shirt off, never dull with Jack

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

The Saturday before father's day we were in Dallas to celebrate not only Father's Day but also Jack's 2nd birthday. Friday, which was his actual birthday, we drove to Dallas, went and had the kids pictures taken (will be on the next post), then went to dinner for his birthday. We had his birthday party Saturday morning at my parent's neighborhood pool. Then Saturday night we met up with my whole family at Olive Garden, and then to my sister's house for desert to celebrate Father's Day.

The first picture of all 8 grandkids and my parents.
A very rare picture of my siblings and my daddy. Did I mention that just two days before this picture was taken my sister hit 100 lbs lost! I am so proud of her, doesn't she look awesome!
I am so blessed to call this man my daddy. I was and forever will be a daddy's girl. I get my love of basketball from him(especially KENTUCKY), my determination, my patience, somewhat of my sense of humor, and because of the way he and my mom raised me I serve our Loving God! He is one of the most godly men that I know and I love him more for that. The way he loves, not just my kids or my niece and nephews, but all kids reminds me of my Papa! I love you daddy!

Richard and I with the kiddos

I never give Richard enough verbal/written credit. He is such an awesome daddy! I am so blessed to have him as my husband and the father of my 5 children. He loves us all deeply and helps me with them when most men wouldn't. I can truly say we are raising these kids together because of all he does. Every time I see him with them in a loving moment, especially on like this picture, I fall in love with him all over again, and deeper than I thought possible. He not only is a fun and loving daddy, he is a disciplinarian and most importantly a spiritual leader. My kids are blessed to get a glimpse of the love of our Heavenly Father in and through their earthly Father just as I did growing up.
This was actually taken on Father's Day night after he opened his gifts before they went to bed.
Daddy and his boys!
The boys!
Daddy's girls
Sweet sisters
The Castleman Crew

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jack's 2nd Birthday

Happy birthday to Jack! I am writing this the night before his birthday since I won't be at my computer tomorrow to post for his birthday. Two years ago we received such a joy to our lives with Jack Gordon. He is a ball of fire, that is for sure, and the biggest monkey of all 8 of my parents grandkids(so far, we'll see if Em gives him a run for his money!) He has gotten into things at my parents' house that the others never even knew existed. He "climbs new heights" that we thought were unreachable, and by far was the first child we HAD to move into a toddler bed in order to keep him safe! Even when you are in the worst of moods, Jack can make you smile. He has a temper like no other, but is just as happy! When you are upset with him, he grins, and politely says, " I love you mommy", or " I love you Daddy" to try to stop himself from getting in trouble. So yes, we are paying for our raising with this one, but he is so special. Jack loves to dance and sing and is the Wiggles biggest fan. He also loves Cars but especially Mack! I will freely admit, I wasn't sure how to handle two boys, still don't, but God knew what he was doing giving us Jack. He is a light on the darkest of days. Named after his oldest brother, Jackson, and my Papa, Willis Gordon, he is named appropriately! I think they would be proud. Here some pictures for you to enjoy of Jack and a couple of the messes he has gotten into!

Jack 1 day old

1 week
6 months
1 year
1 year and "climbing"
And what he's been up to or should I say into!

At 8 months he got caught up in Michal Kate's birthday balloons
9 1/2 or 10 months in the chocolate
10 months
12 months
14 months-yes, he did this on his own and I took several more for fun after this initial shot!

15 months
17 months and a Jack in the box!
21 months at Noah's 1st ever t-ball game just before it started
Jack is smart as a whip so don't look at these pictures and think, man Dana, try....with Jack he will outsmart you EVERY time! He loves to make people laugh and will do things on purpose to do so. He thinks and has always thought he can do what any of the bigger kids can and he will, or at least try so watch what you do around him. These are just samples of what he has done, some happen so fast, there aren't words to describe them, much less, pictures. He is here to make us and everyone around him smile, so enjoy. I can't believe these things have happen in only his first two years, life will be interesting! So if you ever need to laugh or smile, just call and ask what Jack is up to or in to whichever the case may be.
We love you Jack! You are such a delight and a blessing. Happy birthday!
I will post his 2 year pictures and party pictures after the weekend.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Emorie at 2 Months

Well, we made it to 2 months! Emorie continues to be an easy baby, I guess she has to be being number 4 though! Saturday was her two month mark but we were in Dallas so we had to take pictures when we got home. We went to her two month check up yesterday and she weighed in at 11 lbs 7 oz which is almost 3 lbs from what she weighed at 1 month. She is 22 1/2" long, which those stats jumped her from the 50th percentile to the 75th in both height and weight! She is smiling a lot now and cooing which is so fun to listen to. She is starting to give me about 6 hours at night so it is up to me when I put her to bed! Even so when she wakes up she eats and goes right back to sleep.
With all the other kids I took or had taken, naked baby pictures at 6 weeks. Well, again, number 4 and a bit late on that one, but here they are at 9 weeks!

Just to see her smile!
Picture with her pillow pal cow.
Sweet sleeping baby. All these photos wore her out!
Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 months with a Smile, A Wedding, and a Baby Celebration

On Saturday, Emorie turned two months old. It is so hard to believe she is two months already. Here she is at my cousins wedding in a dress that was Michal Kate's.
Emorie has been smiling for a couple of weeks now, but I just caught it on camera Saturday night!

Saturday evening my cousin, Kimberly, got married. The wedding was beautiful with a fun-filled reception. It was great to get to see everyone.

My cousin, the bride.

Kimberly and Uncle Russ walking down the isle.

My Uncle Russ, Kimberly and Aunt Rita.

Me and Kimmer.
The bride and her mommy, my Aunt Audette.
Dad, Mom, and Emorie.
My uncle and Kimmer.
Audette with my dad.Thursday night was my life-long friend Lesley's baby celebration at Brooklyn's pizza! YUMMY! We got together to celebrate the upcoming birth of her baby Jack.
Lesley and I, 29 years of friendship!
Lesley got to meet Emorie for the first time at dinner.
Lesley's daughter, Brooke, with the Castleman girls.
Brooke and Lesley.
The weekend was busy but a blast. We also took in one of Austin's baseball games and a little shopping for Jack's birthday! The girls and I had a fabulous time and the boys did too back at home. The divide and conquer routine seemed to work. At least this time.