Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Birthday Girl

Michal Kate turned 3 on Sunday, February 18. She was a well celebrated little girl. It all started when our Gram flew in on the 7th followed by our Papa on the 9th. Michal Kate had her friend party on Saturday the 10th. Though some of our friends are far away you were all thought of. She wanted a Lion King party, and after a lot of searching a purchasing on Ebay she had that party. (That's what happens when Disney puts their movies in the "vault" all the stuff goes with it!)
On Saturday night the six of us went to our favorite local pizza place before coming home to let Michal Kate open her gifts from Gram and Papa. She loved her Cinderella dress up out fit, and Noah liked the JoJo towel!

The next weekend was about her too. On Friday, Gramma and Gran Gran came in town briefly and she had fun with them. Also, Richard's close friend, Matt or Uncle Matt as the kids refer to him as, came in town also. On Saturday, we along with Uncle Matt, and the Parrish family took Michal Kate to Chuck E Cheese, per her request. I still don't know who had more fun, Matt, Richard, Ryne, and Lezli or Michal Kate and Noah!

On Sunday night we gave her our gifts and I made her a strawberry cake. Once again the sweet Parrish family came over to celebrate with her. Michal Kate loved all of her Lion King toys and the Cinderella ones too. She was less than impressed with the clothes, but that was the part I loved! She is going to be one decked out little girl this spring and summer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAL KATE! I love my little girl!