Monday, July 05, 2010

Baby Boy

Well, this is a catch up from the last 20 weeks. We waiting until I was 13 weeks to tell almost everyone so I hadn't posted any pictures or anything up until this point so here is a bit of everything starting with my growth progression and then some sonogram pictures from last week. I had a sonogram at 13 weeks but there isn't much to see there, so we will start with the 20 week ones.
I am so thankful that God chose us for each of these precious babies. All 7 of them have a place in our hearts, and they each make us strive to be better people. God entrusted them to us to teach them about Him and that is an honor! Each pregnancy has been so very different from the one before it, and I think that is amazing.
This is the 7th time to get a positive result and it never stops being a wonder to me!

8 weeks (horrible angle)

12 weeks

16 weeks

20 Weeks
On June 30th we went to Dallas for our level 2 sonogram and were greatly surprised to learn that we were having another boy! We are thrilled. The sonographer said that he has long legs and that we wasn't missing any meals! The sonographer and the perinatologist kept saying he looked perfect which is an answer to our prayers. For the first time in the 6 pregnancies that have come to this point we went into the sonogram without any names. We were so certain that it was another girl, we had thought of some girl names we liked, but hadn't even started thinking of boy names so we are at square one. It is a little different for us, but interesting at the same time. He looks to be right on time with a due date of November 14 so we will see! I am guessing a whopping 8 lbs 9 oz! Wouldn't that be fun!
This was the first view we got of him. It is a profile shot. We was bent totally in half with his legs sweeping over his body and his feet above his head. (Feet and head are on the left, head on bottom feet on top, then his body along the bottom bending upwards and his bottom is on the top right of the picture)

Here he is looking at you with his feet above his head still. His feet are on the left, face in the middle, then neck, then the chest.
His boy parts. His bottom was on the right, basically like he is sitting on the camera and his boy parts are in the middle of the screen.
Another profile. Head on the left you can see his nose, then his lips and chin. It cuts off at the bottom of his stomach.
Thank you all for your prayers and excitement with us as we anticipate baby boys arrival!