Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday was our church's annual Trunk or Treat. The kids had so much fun. Michal Kate was Snow White, Noah was Happy, Jack was Dopey and I was the Evil Queen. Michal Kate won 3rd place in her age group for her costume. They had fun with the Trunk or Treating and the carnival games that there were to play. Linda, Richard's mom, did such an amazing job on the boys costumes and they got so many compliments! I was proud to brag on her!! Thanks Gramma!
On Sunday night we went to Daingerfield to Trunk or Treat with Connor and Cambri! That was a lot of fun too. I will post more after their school parties and tumbling along with tomorrows festivities!
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Four Months

Last Friday was Jack's four month birthday. I thought I would share some pics of the day. He is growing so fast. He weighs about 14 lbs and is a long little boy. He has such a sweet personality and loves to laugh and smile. He really loves talking to his big sister and his daddy.

I was trying to catch a picture of Jack rolling over from his tummy to his back which he has been doing for a little over a month.

Jack with his favorite thing, "Blue", which his Aunt Tracy bought him and his sissy named.

Posing for his picture.

Jack in his bumbo chair.

Happy Jack!!!

Jack with Ribbit!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dance and Tumble

This week was visitors week at Michal Kate and Noah's tumbling and ballet class. I forgot about it on Tuesday so I didn't have my camera for Michal Kate's tumbling class but we took it today and Daddy got to come too which thrilled the kids. Noah has fun...which is the best way to describe him in class. He is one of the younger ones in there and the only boy. He loves to do rolls, front and back, on the wedge mat, and he is starting to do head and hand stands with the teacher. He loves the stretching and cool down dancing and grins the whole time.

At the beginning of the month Michal Kate started taking ballet. She asked me several times, so we put her in. She is starting to learn the routine of the class, and she smiles the whole time too. Enjoy the pics.

I wish I had had my camera on Tuesday so you could see her cheer in her cheerleading/tumbling class. She was pretty cute shaking her hiney.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Boys

Today we put borrowed a toddler bed from some friends of ours to move Noah into a big boy bed. While Noah was as school we put it together and got it all set up. When we got home I went back in his room and waited for him to come in...he was so excited about his bed. He kept saying "I go sleep mama!" and would run back there and sit on his bed. He can be a crazy boy sometimes but he makes me smile.
Tonight we also gave Jack his first taste of Rice cereal. He has been keeping me up a lot at night wanting to eat every couple of hours still. Since he will be 4 months this week, I gave in and we are trying it. Hopefully it will work and we will all get a little more sleep. He wasn't real crazy about the cereal, but we will see what he thinks tomorrow.
My boys are really growing up fast!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Fun

Today we went to another Pumpkin Patch in Fulton, Arkansas. The pumpkins were fun, but the kids really enjoyed the Stall filled with Corn and the Kids Hay Maze. The kids and I went with Adria, Connor, and Cambri, and Ashlee, and Mason. All the kids had a really good time and we will have to make this an annual trip. I am starting to really love fall. There is so much beauty in the air and all the colors that come with the season. I hope that today was full of memories for them as I know it was for me.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we went for a couple of nights to Dallas so Richard could go to the OU Texas game at the fair on Saturday. My Aunt and Uncle were still in town from Kentucky so we all had a lot of fun. On Friday morning Richard and I took the kids to a Pumpkin Patch in Richardson. The kids had fun, though not always wanting to smile for the camera.
This is the best of these pictures, it took a lot of coaxing to get them both looking up.Here they are after picking their pumpkins out.

Loving their pumpkins.

Noah wanted to ride the train and tried to do it by himself. I ended up getting in with him and we had fun. His little laugh is infectious.

Posing for mommy.

We put Jack in the middle of all the pumpkins and propped him up. He thought he was big stuff.

We are attempting to go to another patch so their may be more Pumpkin Patch pics to come. Happy Fall Y'all.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jack's 3 Month Pictures

Last weekend I had Jack's pictures taken for his 3 month birthday while we were in Dallas so I thought I would share them with you!

Bumbo and a Play Date

Yesterday my sister sent Jack a Bumbo seat. HE LOVES IT! For a kids who does not like to be put down he sat in this for close to an hour (not all at once but about half and half at two different times.) He thought he was so cool and big!
The three kiddos. Michal Kate wasn't feeling so good yesterday evening so she isn't the happiest of kids in this picture.
Noah thought that Jack's seat was fun and wanted me to take his picture too. After you take a picture he immediately says "Can I see it?" The wonderful world of digital cameras!!

Yesterday morning the kids and I went with Adria, Connor, and Cambri along with some other friends of theirs to Pump It Up in Longview. The kids had so much fun, and we enjoyed getting to visit with each other as well.
Here is Connor at the end of a fun slide.

Last Sunday, Jack found his feet and now he won't let go!
Noah in a tunnel.

Michal Kate at the end of the slide.
Connor and Aunt Adria playing on the huge basketballs
Cambri and Jack just hanging out. Of course Jack is once again reaching for his feet!

I hope this makes everyone smile and have a blessed day!!!