Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Beginnings

Wow it has been a busy last couple of days! Yesterday was the first day of school and I now have a 1st grader, kindergartner, and a preschooler! They all went in like troopers, in fact I had to almost hold Michal Kate back she was so excited!
Last Thursday night was meet the teacher at our school and I went ahead and took the beginning of the year shots with their teachers.
Michal Kate and Mrs. Cox
Noah and Mrs. Lawings

Here is Jack this morning at his first day with his teachers Mrs. Charey and Mrs. Cindy
Michal Kate's first day shots!
In front of her door to her classroom!
Michal Kate and Noah together on the first day 2010
Noah's first day shots.
In his seat ready to go(kinda)
Jack's first day was today and he was so excited to get to go to school! Here are his first day shots.
In front of his room. He is in the Lambs class! Love the wall!
This was mostly taken for my mom, but she likes to have one of all the kids on the first day, so here is Emorie's picture of her first Tuesday of just having her and mommy time! Love the curls! I can't get over it!
I pray for each of my kids that they will have a blessed year and that Jesus would shine through their every action! I pray for their teachers that they will have wisdom, understanding, and compassion beyond their ability!

Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS 2010

Our 3rd annual VBS took place from July 25 until July 29 and it was a blast! Erin and I enjoyed planning for months and couldn't be prouder or more thankful of all the time and commitment everyone else put into making this year be so amazing! We pray about this week all year long and God truly saw us through! We are a church that averages about 115 and our VBS KID average was 120 for the week!!!! That doesn't count the 35+ adults we had helping! I am beyond honored and blessed to be a part of this event!
So enjoy a picture into Naples Church of Christ's Saddle Ridge Ranch 2010!
Family Picture

Michal Kate showing her inner cowgirl

Eme cheesing!
We were excited that Connor, Cambri, and Carlee got to come for most of the week!

Connor and Noah
Noah and Jack
Jack during the program
Cambri during the program
A glimpse at the stage during their program the final night!
What fun memories!

24 and 28 weeks

Beyond the fact I am still tired, hot(like who isn't), and we can't find a name or agree on one (we both individually could name him if the others opinion didn't count) this has been a great pregnancy. I am sure Richard would argue that!!! I still love being pregnant, and truly believe that it is one of God's miracles that I am blessed to be able to experience! Baby boy is growing and I am actually finally starting to gain a little weight. I have been blessed in this department this time as well! I know that November is going to be here before I turn around. I started thinking about Halloween the other day and thanks to my sister we now are ready to go, just in case "no name kid" decides to make an early appearance and/or share a birthday with his uncle! I also am stepping it up and have already started Christmas shopping. My goal is to be 98% done by the time he arrives! So enjoy! Thank you for praying for us and celebrating this miracle with me! Next to positive this is the last one so I am enjoying every single minute of this celebration!

So here are my pictures from 24 weeks (6 months)

And from Sunday, which was 28 weeks (7 months)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, a couple of weeks ago we were able to travel back to Levelland, TX to be a part of a dear family friends wedding! We consider this girl to be like a 2nd (well 3rd) daughter to us(you know what I mean). It is hard to believe that she is old enough to be married now! We are so proud or the Christian woman that she is and the wonderful Christian man she chose to spend her life with! Michal Kate was one of the flower girls and Noah was the ring barer in the wedding, while I helped coordinate the wedding and did the flowers. I had done corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets before but never the decorations for the isles and the arrangements! It was an privilege and a honor for me to be able to try out my decorating skills for them.

The beautiful bride, Mrs. Lezli J'Laine Boren!

Michal Kate spending time with her buddy Aunt Sandra! She had a hard time understanding why she couldn't be with Sandra the entire time we were there.

Lezli and I (I am about 25 weeks here)
Some of my decoration attempts!
Flower balls for the pews.
Arrangement for the sign in table. (there is a ficus tree behind the flower arrangement)
One of the two stage arrangements.
Noah kissing the bride
Michal Kate with the groom, Tres
Randy, Lezli, and Sandra
Michal Kate surrounded by the Honor Attendents
Noah with the girl Honor Attendents
Noah with the rings! This made me just a little nervous! He even carried them down the isle on a pillow!!!
My kiddos with Lezli before the wedding
The kids
Randy and Sandra with Tres and Lezli
Had to have this one
Noah got the garter by default
Mimicking Tres' cake topper
I pray God's richest blessings on this sweet couple! May they look back on their wedding day and realize that they loved each other the least on that day than any of the days that have followed!