Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little basketball

This fall, much to my excitement, Noah wanted to play basketball again! I love the sport, my favorite by far, so it thrilled me that he wanted to play. Even better, we now have an awesome YMCA in town to play through. I will admit, the games were comical most of the time, but I really did see Noah improve each game. He can dribble down the court, and in his best game he scored 8 points and had 2 assists. (of course, who is keeping count at this age) His team won almost every game(again who is keeping track but me!) He loved it, and Jack wants to play next season too! I love it!
Noah shooting his first bucket at his first game
Taking it down the court
Noah's picture for ball 2011
Back row: Coach O'Neill, Jacob, Jacob, Noah, Coach Lyman
Front row: Jackson, Oliver, Noah, Bert, and Carter

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas Part 2

On Monday we headed further South to Houston for the Castleman Christmas. For the 2nd year in a row we were all there for several days and had many family get togethers which with 13 grandchildren, is a very exciting event!
I initiated some picture taking and my only fail was not getting one of all 13 grandkids or each individual family. Though I did get a shot of each couple except us...oops maybe next year!
The Castleman 6

And the Castleman 10
Kids with Spouses11 of the 13! Christopher wasn't with us yet and Elijah was attempting a very short nap! But back row first Sean 15 holding Zane 5, Collin 14, Michal Kate 7, Cade 12
Front: Carlee 2 Emorie 2 Cambri 4 Jack 4 Noah 6 and Connor 6

Thursday night Linda and Kirk kept 8 of the grand kids with help from 2 of the older ones while the 8 of us went on a quadruple date to the Cheesecake factory. We laughed harder than we have in a long time and though we waited nearly 2 hours, we really enjoyed ourselves.


A week before Christmas we happened to be in OKC for something and ventured to the mall in hopes of getting the kids picture taken with Santa...well FAIL. Only because the wait was and hour and half. We were willing to wait, especially since they give you a pager and you can go about your business in the mall, but we had plans an hour from then and couldn't wait. After trying to figure out when we would go because I didn't want to miss a year, we decided we would try at Firewheel in Dallas the Thursday before Christmas. I went knowing the wait was going to be forever long and horrible. Much to my surprise we waited 5 minutes and got the picture quickly. I learned several years ago to assure the photographer that I am buying the picture screaming or no screaming so just take it.
Emorie was not a fan of Santa at all! There was actually a shot where they were all looking and smiling except Eme but she had her face completely covered, so we went with this one. I love that it looks like Elijah is laughing at her!
Santa took a few minutes after the picture to discuss with the older three what they wanted for Christmas. It is funny to me to watch my three VERY OUTGOING kids clam up in a shell and speak so quietly and timidly to someone. I was holding Elijah by this point and Emorie was as close to the door as she could get with her daddy with her head a deep in his shoulder as she could get it!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Part 1

Wow! I can't believe that Christmas is already over! The holidays flew by it what seems like no time. I really got into DIY things this year and enjoyed making gifts and decorations for myself and others. The wreath in the center is a deco mesh wreath that my sister found on Pinterest so I made it for her for Christmas. It was Richards favorite thing I made and he didn't want me to give it up! I also made the JOY with the bell in the center and did the ornaments in the vase with ribbon.
You also get a little glimpse of a HUGE project Richard and I have been taking on for several months and that is redoing our fireplace and building a mantle and word from the mantle up!

There are two new additions to our Christmas decor this year. One being my gingerbread tree in this room and the other being a stocking for Jackson. I have never felt right about not having one for him and after praying for 3 families over the last year or so that have walked this same road I added it for him. I love that it is a gingerbread man and that he is included in our stockings.

The kids in their Christmas clothes! 1st shot I took by the way! I can't believe it.

The Sunday or so before Christmas again the first shot I took!
We had some of Tracy and Jeff's dear friends with us on Christmas Eve this year so we actually got a shot of the entire family!
The traditional 9 grandkids on the stairs
Our family in front of the tree
and just the kids
Christmas Eve in their Christmas PJ's in front of Gram's tree
And Christmas morning. Richard and I have taken this picture every year except one since our 1st Christmas together!
Best gift of the year would be Jack's light-saber that has a big and little light-saber on it. He jumped up and down and all around for several minutes!