Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dance and Sports for the spring 2012

It was a busy, but fun spring at the Castleman house. Between soccer, baseball, dance, and potty training, we had our plates full! This summer really is a break for us and lots of time just being together!
 Jack played his first season of soccer as a Ranger and he really enjoyed himself. I watched as he improved with each game and practice.
 Noah played his 5th season of baseball, but his first season of machine pitch. there was a learning curve there, but he started really hitting the ball by the end of the season and the fielding of the whole team got progressively better.

Michal Kate just completed her 5 year in dance. It was hard to leave The Dance Company in Mt. Pleasant, but she enjoyed her year at Showstoppers in Stillwater. It made for a long Thursday for the whole family and we will be coming to a studio in Ponca City next year to stay closer to town and Emorie will be taking too! That is going to be entertaining for sure.  Michal Kate took Tap, Ballet, and Jazz again this year, and she too made big improvements as the year went on.
                                                 Michal Kate's tap outfit in Boogey Shoes
                                                    Ballet in Cinderella's Waltz for a Ball
And Jazz Shena is a Punk Rocker, talk about a dance that will even make the audience tired, this thing was fast!

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