Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Toys

Wednesday didn't exactly go as planned. I woke up and did a load of our sheets including the mattress pad. Then I started the second load that included the rest of our sheets and 2 loads of laundry to follow which is about normal for a day around here. Well the first load went as planned. When I went to switch the second load the washer was still full of water...Richard's last household item from his single life died! Needless to say a day and a half around here with out a washer, we had 7+ loads of laundry to do. So....I got new toys!

I know a silly post but I am really excited.

Party Time

Saturday, March 26 we celebrated Noah's birthday at CiCi's Pizza with a Star Wars theme. I was so excited to be able to surprise Noah with this Death Star cake that a friend of mine made. (One of his many talents I might add!) Noah was so incredibly excited when he saw it, and it was yummy!
Gram and Papa came up for the day and also surprised Noah with his first bike!

Learning to ride.The kids enjoyed eating at the buffet, cake, gifts, and then playing some games in the arcade.
The gang minus 4!
(left to right) Colton, Rooster, Baeleigh, MK, Madi, Cambri, Aubrey, Jack
front: Madden, Mason, Connor, Noah, Eme, Carlee
Not pictured: Macoy, Elijah, Cordin, & Cori


Noah...there are not words to express how much I love you. You are me in so many ways. I love your sensitive heart and you love for life. You have a contagious smile and laugh that in unending. You have really started to show analytical thinker and you have a knack for puzzles which you currently work from the inside out...your love for learning is starting to show and I am really enjoying listening as you learn to read. You have made yourself Emorie's buddy and you are so good at it. Sometimes when she won't listen to me or daddy she will listen to "Boah". You are my "Noodle" and I love you. I hope you have had the happiest of birthdays followed by a year in which you feel blessed and fine endless ways to bless God with you life.
1 year

2 years
3 years with "Tink" who is now known as "Sulky"
4 years
5 years
And his 6 year photos


On March 3rd Elijah got his first cereal. Since then he has a "way" of eating his cereal. He likes it mixed with applesauce and apple juice at room temperature just before bed! Here are some pictures of the first attempt.
The first bite!


Do you have a friend that you don't see very often but yet you are so close that it doesn't matter how much time as passed, when you get together it is like you never missed a beat? A friend that knows you so well, you don't have to say anything at all, and yet they KNOW! A friend that feels more like a sister/brother than a friend? A friend that you care for so deeply that you rejoice with them and cry with them through life's good times and bad? A friend whose kids you love like your own, and that mostly due to the fact they are hers/his? A friend that you know will always be there? A friend that encourages you? A friend that challenges you spiritually. A friend that constantly makes you want to be a better person? A friend you know God put in your life and He built the friendship? I could go on and on. I have a friend like this...a couple. They are few and far between. She is someone who is all these things above and so so much more that I can't even begin. Richard and I were blessed to meet with her and her sweet family, her husband is someone I have been friends with for years as well, because they were in East Texas on vacation last Thursday. We met and had lunch and visited for a few hours. Though our time was short, it was as if no time had passed since our last get together. I am looking forward to the next time I get to see her and her sweet family. Barie and I have been close friends for 17 years! Not many people are friends that long and stay close, so I know I am blessed. Here is a picture from our get together...after 4 kids she still looks amazing, INSIDE and OUT! I love you Barie Sue!

The Announcement

Sunday was a big day for our family! We announced that at the conclusion of the school year we will be moving to Ponca City, Oklahoma. We are very excited about this move and are greatly looking forward to what God has in store for us there. We journeyed up there about a month ago to meet the people and interview with the church and fell in love with it all! Going along with that, and the fact that the boys room is already decorated in Sooner stuff here are some more pictures from our trip to Houston! (These also served as MK and Noah's birthday pictures)

Along the way we finally got to go see Madeleine Grace and Owen Craig Gambill. Here is a picture of Matt with the babies.
MK's 7 year pictures

Post to follow with Noah's 7 year pictures

Easter/Spring Pictures 2011

While we were in Houston, I took advantage of Portrait Innovations being so close and got the kids Easter pictures taken. It went fairly quickly and they were pretty good considering I am getting pictures done of 5 kids 7 and under!

The whole gang!

The Girls
7 & 23 monthsMichal Kate Lee

Emorie Elizabeth
The Boys
5(sortof), 3 1/2, & 4 months
Noah Paul
Jack Gordon
Elijah Richard (my first official picture of him smiling too I might add)

Spring Break

We decided to take a trip to Houston to vacation during spring break this year. We had big plans of going to the Zoo, Kemah Bay, parks, and a date night. Though we had a great time things don't always go as planned...

Eme made it to Houston city limits and then passed out

Wednesday we got up and attempted to go to the zoo. Little did we know that the Houston Rodeo was in town and taking up all of the parking in and around the zoo so we never got there. Instead we went to the Galleria and had a picnic on the grounds by the Wall of Water. I believe it said it was 64 tons of water...amazing. The kids loved standing by it and getting a little wet.

Then Thursday morning we got up and were going to try to go to the zoo again, but Elijah didn't sound good at all. He had some allergy issues when we left home and they were quickly getting worse. He ran a little fever Wednesday night and was struggling and wheezing every breath he took Thursday morning. So Linda, "Gramma", and I took him to a little ER clinic right by their house and it was diagnosed as RSV which he had been tested for at least 2 other times the previous 2 months. After some medications and a chest x-ray along with a Rx we were on our way. Since we had planned on being outside we decided not to try the zoo so late in the day but to head on to Kemah. The kids love this place, and so do we, but we didn't anticipate the crowd being like Six Flags/Disney Land gone wrong. It was crazy. We waiting 1 1/2 hours just to ride the Ferris Wheel. But they had fun and we got to eat at one of Richards favorite places, Landry's, and the kids got cotton candy.

The airplane ride

I hope these two will always be close
Jack and I on the ferris wheel
The day at Kemah was also St. Patrick's Day so the kids were all in their green. With the crazy events that morning I didn't get a shot of the 5 together but here they all are one way or another.
Eme was just a little sweaty after the day outside. Here she is right before her bath at Gramma and Gran Gran's house.
Jack just rode along. You can tell my sweet boy doesn't feel well. Just look at that sad little face.
There was a lot of time for the kids just to be together and play outside. Friday night Kirk and Linda kept the kids and Richard and I went out on a date with Elijah in tow. There were plenty of silly times too as Em shows off well in this shot...


Well Noah's first basketball season with the Upward Lakers was a success. He had a good time and learned a little about my favorite sport, all while learning scriptures and playing with other kids! He had fun and wants to play again! His last game was on March 12! Here are some shots!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here we are again a March 23! Jackson Connor Castleman would be 8 years old today! I can't believe it has been 8 years, especially when every detail of my pregnancy and his birth is still so real and fresh to me. I am blessed beyond measure by Michal Kate, Noah, Jack, Emorie, and Elijah but will always feel that Jackson is missing. For those of you that know when I am playing with the kids and it is time to go I playfully call out "Yip, Yo, Jo, Flo, Mo, let's go out the door" so he is my Doe in that sentence! Jackson is missed. I have pictures of Jackson, but in all honesty, they aren't pretty, and not ones that I feel I can post here. So let me paint the one I carry in my head for you. Jackson is around 2 and looks a lot like my boys! (Shock there I know) There is a field with a white log fence going around it. In the field there is the softest, greenest, flowing grass blowing in a light breeze. Colorful kites and bubbles flowing all through the air as far as you can see. There is the sweet sound of children laughing continuously. In the center there is a simple playgound. With a picnic area off to the side. On the playground there is a yellow slide with red steps. At the top is my Papa King and at the bottom my Nini Savage with my Papa Savage and Grandmother King close by watching and smiling. Papa King is releasing a happy, HEALTHY Jackson down the slide and Nini Savage is catching him and spinning him around in the air. Over and Over again! At the table in the picnic area is Jesus smiling and holding little children in is lap and telling them to look down and smile because those are their parents and how much we loved them.
Think what you want, but this picture in my mind NEVER changes. God is good and I believe he has given me this picture. The laughter there never turns to crying, the breeze never stops blowing and Jesus never stops smiling and loving our babies.
Instead of a party, as I do every year, I invite you to pray today. Pray for the parents that, at any point in their pregnancy, lost a baby. That became so real to me that whether 1 week pregnant or 40 it is your baby! I pray for all those that are expecting as well. Pray for those that are going to be told that their child will not live. I also pray for those carrying precious little ones inside them today for me it is Brooke, Larissa, Marie, and Rebekah. Thank you for being a part of today. I know there is someone around you or you yourself that has a moment like this that they will never forget! Pray today. Hug your kids a little longer. Take a deep breath and smile!
Love to you all and blessings today on my baby's 8th birthday!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Eli at 4 months

I can't believe it but Elijah Richard is already 4 months old. He is a doll. Still a little fussy at times especially in the car which is so funny to me since he used to love the car. In fact, in the mornings when we take the kids to school, he is so happy until Michal Kate, who sits next to him, gets out of the car, then he just screams. He is a cuddler and loves to smile. When you lie him on his back he just kicks away. He isn't rolling over yet, but he is trying so I don't think it will be long. He loves his brown blanket that his Aunt Tracy gave him and likes it right up by his face to go to sleep. He is still trying to suck his fist/fingers, and I am still thrusting a happy (paci) in his mouth every time. He is a big boy weighing in at 13 lbs 8 oz last week so we are already working our way into 3-6 month clothes!
Here he is with his bear and sign.
I finally got a real smile caught on camera.
A little smirk
Loving his monkey!
And yes, as the title lets you know, I spend a lot of time calling him Eli these days or chunky monkey!