Saturday, December 31, 2011

Growing Up

Oh, my baby girl, Michal Kate! She has sucked her fingers since she was born. Almost a year ago Aunt Tracy promised her a trip to the American Girl store to get the doll of her choice if she would stop sucking them. It took the better part of a year but she did it. (still catching her every now and then at night and if she is really exhausted, but other than that, she has quit) She spent the year researching exactly which doll she would choose and Emily it is! So on Friday, December 23 MK, Eme, Aunt Tracy, Gram and I went to the American Girl store in Dallas at the Galleria. When we got to the store she even took a minute to pick exactly which Emily was hers.

MK and Emily

Aunt Tracy with MK and Emily
I really wish I could describe the moment in words, but there aren't any. She was so excited and had PURE JOY! Her reaction made Christmas in and of itself.

MK with Emily out of the box for the 1st time.
Aunt Tracy let Emorie pick a bitty baby for her Christmas present from her and Uncle Jeff.
We also had a reservation at the American Girl Bistro for lunch. We had so much fun and ate way to much.
To top off the day, Granny Betty surprised MK with a new gigi which was complete with instructions that this was a big girl gigi for girls who don't suck their fingers.
Gram bought MK and Emily matching pj's also.
This was so fun and a day we won't forget. We are so proud of you MK!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Extreme Eagles & Reflections Contest

Over the past month both boys have been named Extreme Eagle for their classes for the week. Noah was the first week in November and Jack was yesterday! We are so proud of both boys and their behavior at school. They are eager learners and are trying to be good friends to everyone. It makes a mama proud.
Good job boys, we love you!

Noah with Woody the Woodlands Eagle
And Jack with Woody

Back in September or October Michal Kate entered a school wide contest that has many different types of entries. The theme this year was Diversity means... This contest is put on by the PTA and is a state contest. Michal Kate chose to write a story and her story won Best Over All Primary Grade Literature entry and is being sent off to OKC for the state competition! We are so proud of her and her creativity. I admire her gumption and lack of fear to try anything! She is our dreamer and it pays off for her! Way to go baby!

Here is MK with her Reflections medal!