Monday, August 22, 2011

Extreme Eagle Award

On Friday we were notified by Michal Kate's teacher that she would be receiving the Extreme Eagle of the week award for her class. This is a citizenship award that is award to one child in each classroom each week. They get a button to wear and their picture taken and put on the website! I am so proud of Michal Kate for showing good citizenship at her new school and making a great attempt to make new friends. Her teacher said she is smart and has a great imagination. She said that they were proud to have her at Woodlands and that she was a "keeper". Makes mom and dad proud!

Extreme Eagles
Our friend Lindsay was an Extreme Eagle this week as well!

First Swim

I know, summer is almost over and I am just now getting Elijah into a pool, but hey, we've been busy! He loved it, which I totally expected being that he loves water. Here are just a few shots of his first experience.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Move In Night and 1st Day

Today was Michal Kate, Noah, and Jack's first day of school and first day at Woodlands Elementary. I must say it has been hard not to show them how nervous I have been. Something about the complete unknown...I wasn't even the one going.

Monday night they had the Woodlands Move in night/Meet the teacher. This is when you take all your supplies up and that way your hands are free on the first day. On of my favorite parts is that Jack and Michal Kate's classrooms are diagonal from each other on the same hall, and Noah is just around the corner. Makes a mommy feel good knowing that they can look out for each other. It went smoothly at the beginning until the power went out towards the end. Little did we know this would be the beginning of an 18 hour power outage over a good portion on the state. they are with their teachers.

Jack with Mrs. Lively entering Pre-K

Jack on the 1st dayNoah with Mrs. James entering 1st grade (hmmm, notice Noah is not too thrilled)

1st day of schoolMichal Kate with Mrs. Greenhagen entering 2nd grade

1st day

Mom likes to have a picture of all the kids from the 1st day, and since Eme and Eli aren't going this year I took one as we were going to pick up the other kids from school.
Yep...this is Elijah at 9 1/2 months standing on his own. He can pull up and let go or you can put him down standing and he will balance for 30 to 45 seconds! Pretty proud of himself too!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Swim Lessons

Starting July 11 and for the next 2 weeks the older 3 particiapted in their first round of swimming lessons. Emorie would have gone had she been old enough. It was interested to watch as the ones I thought would excel did fine but the one I least expected to actually swim did amazing. MK did amazing and swam all over the place by the end of the 2 weeks without help. The boys were jumping in and out of the pool as many times as the life guards would allow them to. During free swim time at the Y MK has been able to test to be able to go down the water slide and swim in a bigger part of the pool all by herself. They really enjoyed going and it was a great break from the heat for them.

Jack's Party

Jack's 4th birthday party was a hit. We had his party at the house and several of our new church friends were able to come along with Connor, Cambri, and Carlee! My mom and dad were able to be here also! He chose a Star Wars theme as his back up. His original thought a Tom and Jerry birthday but I couldn't find the party supplies to back it up so he went with the other. We played games, had a pull string pinata, and lots of cake, ice cream, light saber pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows.

The birthday boy

Jack and his BFF/cousin Cambri
Pulling at the pinata
Getting his new bike from Gram and Papa
The boys and their matching Star Wars shirtsHappy Birthday, Jack Gordon

Elijah 8 and 9 months

Well somehow time got away from me and I didn't get a chance to post Elijah's 8 month shots. I actually forgot to take them the day of because it was Jack's birthday party, but I got him caught up. So here we are and he is 9 months old already. I can hardly believe it. I am just going to post them together to be easy.
He is such a joy, though he still does not sleep through the night....not even close. He doesn't have any teeth as of yet, though I believe he is working on the first one. He crawls, sits up, pulls up, cruises, and even lets go and can stand for 10 or so seconds! He loves MOST of his siblings and loves to laugh at them. (Emorie pulls and tugs and loves a little too hard for his taste right now). He has a hilarious belly laugh when he chooses to let you hear it, but no words yet! I love this little boy and am trying to enjoy every minute of him being little.
8 months
9 months