Wednesday, May 02, 2012

18 Months

Our Elijah is 18 months old. He makes me smile so much my face hurts. This little guy finally has some teeth and is ALL BOY! He loves tools, preferably real tools, which he obtains by digging in his daddy's tool bag and trying to carry an 18 volt drill around the house! HA. Unfortunately, as happy as he is, he can get just as mad, and has a bit of a temper. He does not like to get in trouble, it crushes him.  We finally moved him into his big boy crib at night in the boys room. The boys love having him in there, and he is adjusting well. I think that was the last step of mommy trying to hold on to my last baby. He still isn't talking a lot, but can most definitely get his point across. We love this little boy and are so blessed by having him as our son!

Extreme Eagle

On April 9th Jack was selected as the Extreme Eagle for his class. It is a weekly citizenship award that is given by his teacher. I am so proud of this little boy. He has many little friends, both girls and boys, he is reading several words, counting to 30, and working very hard on coming up with rhyming words. Way to go Jack!

Eme and Minnie

April 13th was Emorie's 3rd birthday. I can't believe that it has been 3 years since this little one was born. She is incredibly full of overflowing energy and a joy for life.  She definitely keeps us on our toes and she is incredibly smart. One of our favorite things she does right now is a little "he or she" game. Pick a person, ask her if they are a he or a she and she will answer, "he's a she" or "she's a he" or "she's a she" you get the idea. It is hilarious to listen to her, because there is a look on her face as she says it with such confidence.

We had a toss up on what the theme of her birthday party would be because she loves Minnie Mouse and the movie Tangled. In the end I chose Minnie Mouse. I went with hot pink and zebra, along with Minnie. We had cupcakes, zebra marshmallows, and thumbprint cookies with hugs.