Wednesday, December 09, 2009

7 months, Great-Grandma, Thanksgiving, and Santa

On November 15 Richard's grandmother, Linda's mother, passed away at 98 years old. We all went to Fort Worth that week to celebrate her life at her funeral! It was a great showing of people all whom loved her. I have put together some pictures of Great-Grandma that I have from over the years, since digital cameras that is...
Great-Grandma, Gramma and Michal Kate in '05
Noah and Great-Grandma in '05
In OKC in August of '08 Richard, Noah, Great-Grandma, and Kirk
'08 with Michal Kate
'08 meeting Jack
My favorite picture of Great-grandma with Richard
The WHOLE Castleman family at Great-grandma's funeral, for the first time since our Wedding! We have added a few since then.

All 12 Castleman grandchildren

Our Family at the funeral
This year for Thanksgiving we went to Richard's sisters in Houston. Most of the family was there which was a neat experience. Our family Christmas card picture and some individuals of the kids.
Emorie at 7 months.
During the Thanksgiving break Emorie decided to pull up for the first time.The Thanksgiving Crew
And then Santa! We went to Longview to see Santa. Jack initially freaked out but quickly became okay when Santa threw in some candy and a toy! but it was too late he had scared Eme by then and there was calming her down! But, I thought for 4 kiddos, it is a pretty good shot!

Merry Christmas!