Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This and That

Well at the beginning of the month we went to Paul and Adria's to celebrate Cambri's second birthday at her party. She had a baby doll theme that was precious. Here is the birthday girl looking pretty!

We were blessed that Aaron, Cindy and the boys were able to come up from Houston to celebrate with us followed by Kirk and Linda coming down from Kansas.
Here is Collin with Carlee Jo and Aunt Cindy with Emorie
Aunt Cindy and Carlee Jo
On the 13th Emorie celebrated 5 months. She has changed so much in the last month. She is trying to sit up, though she isn't there just yet, she sleeps in her big bed, rolling over both ways, FINALLY takes a bottle when needed, and eats cereal!
Happy Baby
Emmi with her cow
With her "E"
Her favorite toy
Rolling over
Hope you all have a blessed day!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Time

Wow, I know it has been about a month, but it has been crazy just getting into the swing of things. About two weeks ago Noah began soccer practices and today was his first game. He is picking it up a little at a time and does very well on the drills by themselves at practice, but hasn't quite grasped the concept of the game setting yet. He has two amazing coaches that Richard and I are very impressed with, both their ability to teach the game to the kids and their effortless enthusiasm and encouragement for the kids. So here we go...every Saturday, nearly between now and Thanksgiving at 9 o'clock. Today was a rainy one so I used my little camera.
Between quartersWaiting for the ball to be kicked in on a corner kick

Noah's kick from the line
Noah's first throw in with Coach Jimmy
In the mix

If nothing else it is going to be fun and he will learn something doing it. Hopefully they won't all be rainy but at least it wasn't hot!