Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Events

Okay, so maybe I should have made this into several different blogs, but it was just easier to catch you up all at once. September was a full month for our family, and looking back on the month, it just flew by.
The second weekend in September we went to Dallas to celebrate all the September birthdays on my side of them family. When we got there we met Gram, Mrs. Carolyn, Mrs. Lesley and Brooke for lunch at Cheddars! Then I walked Jack across the parking lot to Cool Cuts for Kids for his first hair cut. This is the after shot and he looks so handsome. It is amazing how you loose your baby in just one hair cut, he looks so big, especially with the spiked hairstyle!

On Saturday we met at Tracy and Jeff's, before the hurricane came through Dallas to celebrate all those September birthdays. Carson and Austin turned 8 and then it was my big 30! And, well, Suzanne is just a couple ahead of me!!!
This is my month 2 shot. Still not much going one there, but I know it will in time. I am still feeling pretty yucky quite a bit, but I am thrilled with that because they say when you feel like this that means a healthy baby.
Richard's sister and her family had to evacuate Houston due to IKE. They were blessed in that they only damage was about 10 days without power. We were blessed in that because of IKE and the evacuation we got to spend time with them. On the Tuesday before my birthday we met them and Paul and Adria and their family for dinner in Texarkana to celebrate.
On my birthday Cindy and the family came to stay with us for a few days. On Thursday we went back to Texarkana for bowling night! This was my kiddos first time to bowl and they were so funny. The adults played a game on one lane and the 4 kids played a game with bumpers on the other. Believe it or not, Noah WON! He was so excited and loves bowling!
Here is Noah gearing up for the big push.

Michal Kate getting ready to knock em' down.
At the end I let Jack bowl for me, he thought it was so fun.
Jack also enjoyed being everyones cheerleader! This picture is so fitting of his fun loving personality.

The weekend after my birthday was filled wedding activities for a couple at church so Richard planned this past weekend for a birthday dinner for me. Barie and Keith and their family came in town but couldn't stay until dinner because they had to get back to Austin. But, Barie suprised me 1) because I didn't even know or think she was coming 2) she took me to brunch in Longview 3) we didn't even have any kids with us 4) she found a Scrapbooking Store in Longview that I didn't even know existed. We had a great time catching up, laughing, shopping, eating, and praying together. We have been friends for 15 years and I am continually so blessed by this relationship. I am thankful for God's timing in putting it togther and keeping us together! Friendships like this are few and far between and I am blessed to have a couple of them!

Saturday night a group of us met at an unknown location to me, Outback in Longview, for dinner. This is a picture of the girls: Ashlee, Darby, Me, Mariam, and Sandra (more on her in a minute).

The guys:Justin, Jake, Richard, and Andrew.Sunday was more action packed in that is was baby dedication Sunday and Jack was dedicated. He is a picture which I think you can tell from my face, the day was crazy and the kids were acting like monkies!

I was suprised to find out last week that Sandra was flying in from Levelland to suprise me for my birthday and the celebration. This is the first time we have been together without her family with her, and though they were very much missed by all, I really enjoyed the time. I am blessed by this friendship as well and miss getting to see her several times a week! You can tell by this picture I am blossoming some!
Here is Sandra with Noah. They have always been close, but I think they really bonded this time.
And they best friends, Michal Kate and Aunt Sandra!
Again, sorry for the crazy long post but I hope you enjoyed the catching up.