Monday, June 16, 2008

What Fun, Jack is One!

Today marks Jack's first birthday. It doesn't seem hardly possible that he is one already. He is such a happy baby. He doesn't sleep through the night yet, which I have yet to figure out why that is, but beyond that he is the easiest baby yet! He is really trying to talk, and as of last week has 6 teeth! He is such a joy to be around and makes everyone smile who sees him. He is a look at his one year pictures that we had done today and then a look back on the last 12 months.

The theme for Jack's party will be a pool party so that is why I did swim pictures! This profile shot is my favorite of the bunch.
This looks more like our Jack's grin.
Jack did this all on his own and the photographer happened to be ready and snapped this picture. Jack at 6 weeks.

3 months.6 months9 months
Jack we love you very much and wish you the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year. You are such a joy!

Happy Father's Day

I am blessed beyond measure. I have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband who is a fantastic father. The fact that God chose him to be my life partner still amazes me. Every time I watch him with one of our kids I fall madly in love with him all over again. He loves them unconditionally, and even at 4, 3, and 1 they know it. To watch them play, makes me smile, to watch him teach, makes my heart jump, and to watch them love them when they are in pain brings tears to my eyes. Happy Father's Day Richard, you are a wonderful father and husband!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Catch Up!

Wow, so I have a ton to post. I haven't blogged in over a month, so here is a recap of the month of May with the Castleman Family. You might be able to tell that I have enjoyed playing with my camera more and am enjoying trying to be somewhat of an okay photographer. I enjoy some of the different pictures (ballet shoes) so I hope you enjoy.
At the end of April, beginning of May the kids and I went to Dallas to help my sister and her husband with Carson since Gram and Papa were on a cruise. So here is Jack in the play room at my sisters' house for his 10 month picture.We got home just in time for our nephew Connor's birthday party, which was a little early due to the fact Paul and Adria have moved. We are sad about this but happy that they are only an hour away, so Adria and I are trying to get organized and plan some play dates.
The next weekend the kids and I headed back to Dallas to celebrate Mother's Day and Jeff and Tracy's birthdays with the family. Here is a rare picture of me with the three kids.

I am not really sure why this picture uploaded so small, but here is me, my mom, and my sister at a tea that mom treated us to on Mother's Day.
Jeff and Tracy the birthday kids, Happy 40th Tracy!
Here is Jack showing off his teeth and posing for his 11 month pictures. He is such a happy baby! He is teething just like Michal Kate did in the fact that he got the bottom two teeth first and then the "fangs" he is trying really hard to cut the top two though before his birthday in two weeks.

He is getting so big and is quite the smiler.
Then was Connor's 3rd birthday. We were supposed to have plans with them for the day Michal Kate got a stomach bug which then passed to Noah for his first ever experience with the bug, NOT FUN! Happy birthday to Connor though!
Then for Memorial Day weekend we got to attend and participate in our first ever Dance recital. I hadn't even been to one of these since I was in them, and that was when I was in 4th grade! Michal Kate really enjoyed taking Tumbling, Cheer, and Ballet this year. She did so good on all her routines at the recital, I was quite the proud dance mom!Michal Kate and her little friends and their ballet shoes.

I couldn't resist the tutu picture. This is at the dress rehearsal.
These are our tumbling and dance friends from left to right: Michal Kate, Maya (in the back), McKenzie, and Grace. (missing is Maya and Emma Kate.)
Michal Kate in her cheer uniform.
Noah took his first year ever of tumbling and he did great. It was fun to watch him improve drastically from the beginning of the year to the end. We were so proud of him, even if he was half asleep during his performance since it was 9:00 pm.
The day after the recital we took the kids on their longest ever road trip to visit Gramma and Gran Gran in Dodge City, Kansas. They did so good in the car especially since we didn't get there until 1 am. We enjoyed going up to the Library and visiting Gramma at work and eating with her and meeting their new church friends. On Tuesday Gramma held an amazing jewelry show for me which helped a ton! We spent most of the week there and on Wednesday and Thursday we took them to do the Dodge City tourist attractions.
He we are in front of the old engine from the Dodge Train Station. The kids loved getting to climb all over and in the train.

Here is Richard and I in front of the Saloon.
Richard and Michal Kate on the train.
Gramma, Michal Kate, Jack, Gran Gran, and Noah.
We "got the heck out of Dodge" after a wonderful time and replacing two tires and drove to Oklahoma City on Friday. We were going to spend Friday night at Uncle Matt's and do somethings around Oklahoma City which included taking the kids to the memorial.
He we are in front of the survivor tree. For those of you who don't know, this tree was damaged during the blast and everyone thought it would die, but here it is still standing. It is so amazing.

A view of some of the chairs. The big onces each represent an adult who passed in the bombing and the small chairs, the children, which gets me every time I see them.
On Saturday we took the kids to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Matt and Tracy went with us.
Uncle Matt and his two biggest fans!
Richard and I in front of the waterfall at the zoo. I know, don't go into shock, I am in an OU t-shirt, the first time ever! After 7 years, I have finally admitted I am a small fan. It happed because of the fact that when OU wins, my husband is very happy, and when they loose, he isn't. So it is beneficial for me and the kids if they win, so I find myself wanting them to win, unless they are playing the AGGIES of course!
Sorry it was so long, but I think you are all now caught up. We hope your May was as blessed as ours and as filled with happy memories.