Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend of White!

Our weekend was blessed with about 5" of pure white snow. Some of the flakes that fell were the biggest I have ever seen. The kids kept running to our big window and yelling "SNOW"! The excitement they expressed was the exact excitement I was feeling. For some reason snow make me feel like a kid again. Here is a picture of our house covered in white!

Michal Kate especially enjoyed the snow! She loved to just drop down and make snow angels, we had several in our yard before we went inside. The smile on her face says it all!
Here is Michal Kate standing with the snowman that she helped her daddy build. I am not sure who had the better time. It confused her a little that we didn't have the coal or a carrot for our snowman so we got creative. A bowl for a hat, rocks for eyes, crayon for a nose, and a evergreen twig for a mouth. She is so proud of it!

Noah was more than entaining to watch! He would plop down in the snow and just laugh. He also would pick up snow and throw it and yell "ball"!

He also figured out that he could fall backwards and just laugh! He was fun to watch!
Daddy with his snow babies!
Mommy with my snow babies just before going inside!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sorry I have been so slow in getting a new post up and going but here goes our weekend! This past weekend Levelland got hit with quite a bit of ice. Though the snow missed us entirely the ice ended up being beautiful especially on the trees that we have here. Saturday we enjoyed a day of just being at home together as the ice came and went off and on throughout the day. We had church on Sunday but very few came due to the icy roads. Sunday afternoon when the roads were safe I took our camera and took some pictures of the beautiful surroundings.
Then on Monday Richard and I took the kids out for a few minutes and let them "play" in the ice! Michal Kate wanted to make a snow angel and couldn't figure out why it wasn't quite working. Noah just wandered around looking at and touching everything. He especially liked the ice pellets that had falled the night before. He would pick them up and drop them slowly like his own snow shower. Though temperatures should be a little warmer, making it into the 30's and possibly the 40's the next couple of days our chances for more snow and ice are back for the weekend! I love winter.