Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Spinnin' Round

The boys had fun in the dryer! Hope these make you laugh and smile like they did me!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Beginnings

Well, today is the first day of school and Michal Kate started Pre-K. She was such a big girl and went in like a champ! This is Michal Kate with her teacher, Mrs. Fry, at meet the teacher night last Thursday.

Here is Michal Kate, at home before school.

In front of our door before we left.
And styling like Hannah Montana, is Michal Kate in front of one of the signs at the school.
Here is Michal Kate in front of her classroom. Though she went in well, I can see here that she is just a little unsure of what all this is going to mean.
This is right as they went in the classroom and sat on the carpet.
And...for those of you who didn't know, another new beginning for us is that I am pregnant with our 4th child! I believe I am about 7 weeks which would make my due date about April 13,2009 so here is my first photo op of the pregnancy, with a silly Noah at my side.
Michal Kate, daddy and I pray that you have a wonderful school year. I pray that as you fill our lives with so many blessings you will be able to bless others that you meet during this year. You have such a sweet and outgoing little personality, and I pray you can meet friends quickly! We love you baby girl.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Oklahoma City

This past weekend we went Oklahoma City so I could do a jewelry show with a friend. Richard's parents met us there to give us some furniture!!! Richard's grandmother is staying with Kirk and Linda for the month of August so we got to see her too. I treasure these moments especially for my children, because not everyone gets to spend time with their Great Gramma! We decided to meet Gramma, Gran Gran, and Great Gramma for breakfast before they left at McDonald's. Of course knowing that Great Gramma would be there I had to bring along the camera.
I love this picture of Richard with Grandma.
Michal Kate loving on Great Gramma. I do think it is funny that she doesn't seem to understand Michal Kate's name! She asks us hers several times and the boys she gets on the first try!

Noah with Great Gramma

And Jack with Great Gramma. She really wanted to hold him, and if you haven't held him lately, that isn't always an easy task! I love her grin here!
Though none of them are looking, here is Great Gramma with all three of our kiddos and of course Gran Gran in the backdrop.
Like I said, a treasure piece of chocolate in my box of chocolates!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Castaway Bay

Well last week was our Vacation Bible School! We were able to serve an average of 50 kids a night for five nights! The kids had a blast and both kids and adults were asking during clean up about next year. Erin and I worked well together I think as codirectors and look forward to working together again.
The week started out on Saturday, July 26 with a float in the Watermelon festival parade. Erin took charge of the float and won 2nd prize in the float contest.

Here is Ashlee, Mason, and me on the float as we passed our house. You can see Michal Kate behind me in the back ground.

The side of the float. Noah is sitting next to the boy in the longhorn stuff.
The bible class room! Ashlee and Jason Morris's creativity at building a bamboo hut.
Michal Kate playing during game time.
Justin, Richard, and Todd helping in crafts.
Isaac, Noah, Mason, and Michal Kate before VBS in the snack room.
Noah, Mason, and Owen in snacks.
The whole group on the final night. (Michal Kate is missing because she had a stomach bug on the last night)