Thursday, November 29, 2007

Family Photos

We took these the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We really had a good time and I think they turned out well!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Five Months and our Christmas tree

Last Tuesday Jack turned five months and on Monday he learned this new trick of sticking out his tongue. He is fascinated by it and does this all day long.
On Friday he was taught by his Aunt Tracy that if you get up on your hands and knees you might get somewhere faster than rolling. So now he gets up, rocks, tries to coordinate his hands and knees, then just either scoots backwards or throws himself forward in the attempt to crawl. Michal Kate and Noah better watch out because here he comes.
He is such a happy baby and loves to smile.
He with his blue which is his favorite.
On Tuesday, we put up our Christmas tree and then yesterday I put the kids underneath to take pictures. Looking at these I am reminded of the great gift God blessed me with in giving me each of these little lives to teach and grow in Him.
I needed pictures of Jack under the tree for his first Christmas ornaments. I love this picture, just the awe and wonder in his face studying the tree and the lights.
As you can tell, he did his scooting trick under the tree and I was able to get a face shot.

Here are some pictures of Michal Kate and Noah putting on their personal ornaments. I get them each an ornament every year and I put there initials and the date on the bottom so some day when they have their own tree they will have something to start with. I try to get an ornament that represents them for that year. This year Michal Kate got Ariel, Noah got Lightening McQueen, and Jack got his Pooh Bear's first Christmas with his picture in it just like the other two did.