Saturday, March 31, 2007

Noah's 2nd Birthday

Saturday marked Noah's second birthday! He loves the movie Cars, so we went all out with that theme. We had our sweet friends, the Parrish family, and Megan came over to share in the celebration. Since we had done a party while we were in Dallas over spring break, we kept it small. This picture was before everyone got there and he posed so well for mommy.

Noah loved playing with all the cars toys that he got. It was different for me because I am so used to little girl toys. I am trying to learn quickly about playing with cars and such.
Here is Noah posing for a cute picture after opening a set of the cars characters.
What you can't see here is how hard Noah was working to try to blow out the candle. He kept laughing so it made it difficult. Michal Kate and I had to help him out a little bit.
There is nothing like celebrating your child's birthday to remind you of the great blessing it is to have been given them as such a sweet gift from our Father.